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Anyone familier with L&D in San Antonio?

DH and I live in South Dakota, but he is going to be stationed in San Antonio for several months. After thinking about it, and talking about it with my midwife, I have decided I am going to visit him there in early August. I am due September 16th.

I don't expect there to be any problems, but to be on the safe side, I am researching hospitals in San Antonio. That way, if there is a problem, I know where to go and have some sort of a plan in place. So, I am wondering if any of you have advice or reccomendations on where to go, and where to avoid.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Anyone familier with L&D in San Antonio?

  • Where is he going to be stationed? Most of the bases in San Antonio are pretty big and have hospitals of their own. Lackland has one and so does Brooks. I'm not sure about the rest of the bases/posts there, but I think some others do as well. 

    Christus Santa Rosa is the giant civilian hospital in San Antonio. I'm not sure about L&D, but their children's hospital is great. 

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  • He is going to be at Ft. Sam Houston. I know BAMC doesn't do L&D...they send everyone to the Air Force base. But since DH and I aren't Active Duty, I have no idea how they would respond to a random National Guard chick showing up with contractions or something. I have Tricare Reserve Select, so almost any civilian hospital will take it. My midwife just told me to make sure I knew where to go if there was an issue, and to keep her number on me. That way if anything came up she could fax my info to wherever.
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  • I work at Santa Rosa and our L&D dept is awesome!  I would totally have my future child there if they did circumcisions, other than that they're great!  We take Tricare South and Tricare for Life, in the ER but IDK if Tricare Reserve Select would be in network or out of network, I've never had to admit someone with Tricare Reserve...Since you're over 20wks they'll take you straight back to L&D, insurance or not, but I'm not completely sure how your insurance would work, but if it's an emergency I know I wouldn't care about insurance issues I would want my baby taken care of, but since you can kind of plan for an emergency I hope I kind of helped LOL

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  • Sadly.. Wilford Hall on Lackland is being shut down, and have no emergency services.. Your best bet is BAMC - Brooke Army Medical Center by Fort Sam Houston. Theyre great <3<3
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  • I know that Wilford Hall is still open for L&D until Aug, then after that BAMC should have their L&D open. At least thats what I thought the plan was. But Wilford Hall is on divert a ton because of switching everything over. Im sure it will just get worse as the time for the switch over gets closer. Hope that helps!

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  • Thanks everyone! It gives me a place to start, anyway. I really don't think I will need it, but I think we all know that it's best to be prepared for the unexpected!
  • I had two deliveries at Wilford Hall and they were both great. Wilford Hall is closing to L&D in September and it's moving over to BAMC (or SAMMC as it is called now). SAMMC is great, clean, new, and since L&D is new there, I would expect it to be nice. All the staff/residents I know are wonderful. Personally, I wish SAMMC was open to L&D when I delivered, I would have rather gone there!


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