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Bomb Check In Weekend L&O Edition

Fricky said a long time ago any of us could do it, so here i go. 

DH has hit his goal weight. I am super proud of him, its been a year in the making, and he has done it.  Now can i tell him to f-off and stop being so damn happy about his thinner healthier body? GEEZ you got a husky wife over here whose scale isn't budging! 

Heres my question to you all: How do you be supportive, and not wallow in self pity? 


Re: Bomb Check In Weekend L&O Edition

  • This is a tough one.  DH just decided last night to join WW with me.  Now I am thrilled because he needs to lose the weight (I worry about his heart), but I also worry he is gonna surpass me and reach his goal before I do because whenever he puts his mind to something it happens practically over night.  Me...I always have to work twice as hard and twice as long to get something to happen for me.

    It is hard not getting frustrated and it is hard to be super supportive when you are trying to get past yourself.  We are our own worst enemies.  So you are not alone.

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  • Girl!  I'm here I've been laying low with party prep for the Si-man.   It's been a tough week and I'm on my last week of pills so I'm all about staying even and not gaining this week then kicking butt next- I weigh in Tuesday, ack.  Facin' the music after a long weekend full of nachos and cake!

    I'm glad you checked in because I want to hear other people's questions and issues.  

    I TOTALLY get it.  If CF even THINKS about going on a diet he loses 10 pounds in a week.   Seriously it's SO unfair how much quicker they can drop than us.  It's biological and it's not their fault.  :)  But smack him anyway for me.

    I don't know the answer on how to be supportive, CF just knows not ever to say anything about it to me or he'll get smacked.  Ha ha ha.  Really though.  Hmm


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  • Ooo, good one. I wish I knew an answer. DH has been working out for two weeks now and I can already tell he's losing weight. I look sideways at a piece of cake and I gain ten pounds. While HF is right about the biological and not their fault thing, it still doesn't stop me from being passive agressive about it all.
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  • You know it's a tough one. I know for me I would just keep telling my hubs that while I am extremely proud and happy for their accomplishments that I could use all the encouragement I can get. I also have to remind myself that our bodies are different and because of that it might be quicker for him to lose weight. Also just keep reminding yourself of how far you have come. :) 
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