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Not loving the current toddler phase

Up until Monday, I wanted to freeze T at this age - inquisitive, able to focus on things that interest her for 10 minutes, learning new things a lot, with tantrums that were easy to get her out of (usually caused by hunger so some Cheerios were a miracle cure).  Then Tuesday - coincidentally, when DH left for a few days for a business trip - things went downhill.  Tantrums not out of frustration over not being understood, but because she didn't get what she wanted.  Shrieking "MINE" and "NO" like a pterodactyl when I dared to dress her or change her diaper or cut off dinner time at 6 in an attempt to avoid middle of the night reflux.  It's amazing how quickly she changed from easy to deal with to a tantrum-y mess.


Re: Not loving the current toddler phase

  • ugh, basically the same thing happened to us when Warner was like 18 mos. It really was like someone flipped a switch and all of a sudden he was in official terrible twos mode. 

    I've found that completely ignoring the tantrums (when possible) is my most effective way of dealing with this, but it's just hard all the way around :-( 

  • It's funny - the craziness seems to come in waves for us. Some weeks are hellacious and others not so bad. And it is amazing how a hungry toddler turns in to a violent Hulk, isn't it?
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  • It really seems to happen overnight, doesn't it? 18 months to just after 24 months were rough. Then 2.5 to just after 3. Seems like the second half of each year sucks for us.
  • I feel your pain. DS#1 has been a bit of a terror lately, which is NOT FUN when you have a 10 day old. And my DH is going back to work Tuesday. I'm absolutely terrified. 

    2 year old unlocking and opening the front door while you are trying to nurse a squirmy newborn = aggravation.

    I love my babies and I'm so grateful to have 2 healthy ones but holy cow. Overwhelmed. 

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