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mom confession follow up

So we went to the pedi for Nate's one month check up.  Pedi didn't have any problem with Nate being in his own crib at 4 weeks and agreed that we'd all probably sleep better.  I was a little worried that the pedi would warn about SIDS but he said as long as we were putting him down on his back there really wasn't a lot to worry about with regard to him being in his own room in a crib.

Nate gained 14 oz in 14 days so that's good.  Pedi was also very supportive of topping him off at night with formula both for us to sleep and to pack in some extra calories since Nate was a bit early and we're still trying to get him to gain weight as much as possible.

So yay for a good pedi appt!  He has to go for an ultrasound of his hips in the next few weeks just to make sure they are developing OK since he was breech.

Thanks for the supportive words ladies and have a great long weekend!



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Re: mom confession follow up

  • YAY! So glad you had a good appt and all your concerns were answered positively!
  • Great news!  Glad things are going well, and hope the topping off continues to buy you some extra sleep! :)  Post more pix when you can! :)
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