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ultrasound pic

With my first child they told me it was a girl, about 2 months later i aske dif they could look again bc the ultrasound tech didnt seem 100% sure and come to find out i was actually pregnant with a little boy. I think they may have messed up again but i just want some opinions, i am really hoping for a girl. I will post a pic of the gender.


Re: ultrasound pic

  • Sorry, I don't think anyone can see your picture.

    My understanding is that it is easier to make a mistake when they say it is a girl than when they say it is a boy.  If they have told you it is a boy it usually means they have seen something pretty obvious. 

     Good luck.

    My sweet boy :)
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  • the picture is very dark, it is hard to tell anything from that picture, sorry
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