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Nanny Sharing in Raleigh?

It's definitely early for us to be thinking of childcare, considering I'm just under 37 weeks and taking off work through Christmas, but . . . dh and I are thinking about not wanting to put our lo in daycare.  We'd rather have a nanny or even better nanny share.  Does anyone have suggestions on where to look?  I've heard sittercity, but have also been told that I would have to post a job and either already have someone else lined up to share the nanny or hope that applicants would have someone else lined up.  Dh doesn't want to look on craigslist.  We would also consider someone who has a small child or children of their own and would be interested in keeping our lo in their home.  Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Re: Nanny Sharing in Raleigh?

  • I'll have to watch this and see what you find. My husband worked in retail until the housing crash and it's been a little sketch ever since. We ended up deciding that if he went back to work, it would be PT because otherwise his salary would pay for daycare and what's the point in that. So he's the one home during the day with our 13mo. I love having her at home and after hearing some of the things at daycare that my friends have dealt with, I really don't want to think about anything more than a nanny share or babysitting if he goes back to work.
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  • I found all of my nannies through word of mouth. I only need PT care and right now I have 3 nannies that split up the week. They all come to my home and one of them brings her daughter with her. It has worked out really well. Could you just start asking around (I know that is what you are doing here), but could you do it IRL too? I think word of mouth is the best way to go. Before I had my DS, I participated in a nanny share and we looked on Craig's List and posted an ad in the paper. We interviewed a lot of nannies that were not a good fit, so I have been most happy with asking friends. Good luck with you search!
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