***HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HUGHES!!!*** — The Bump
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How's that for drawing attention to your birthday? Party!!!  Cake

I'm sorry you're sick, but as you said, you can stay home and eat ice cream. I hope you're able to celebrate some other time.



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  • Happy Birthday!!  Cake
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  • Hehe.. thanks!

    Yeah, so far I've spent this morning downing hot tea, and alternating between sweating and shivering. Good times!

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  • In the words of Ben, Happy Dirt Day!

    I hope you get all better soon :(

    My sweet boy :)
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  • Happy Birthday!  Feel better soon. 
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  • imageAngelPack:

    In the words of Ben, Happy Dirt Day!

    That is hilarious.  Our Ben's version is either Happy Birt Day or Happy Butt Day.  

    Anyway you say it, I hope you have a great day Hughes.  I just wish you weren't sick! 

    "Christmas 2011"

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  • Happy Birthday!!  Also sorry you are sick but at least you aren't crazy! :)  Hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon and you'll be feeling much better.



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  • Happy birthday! Hope you feel better!!

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