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Multiples in SD

My husband and I are expecting both our first, and second child this fall-- Kinslee and Coulter. Wanted to give other parents of multiples in SD a chance to say "hey" and talk about their experiences and families.

 I have heard lots of things about twins, its like for every crazy story a normal pregnant lady hears, one expecting twins will hear 2! But what are you REALLY experiencing?

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Re: Multiples in SD

  • My husband and I had our 1st and 2nd babies in March.  Identical boys.  My pregnancy was a bit stressful, but I ended up getting induced at 36 weeks and 2 days.  They are both healthy, happy (most of the time) little boys that are growing so fast.  They spent 1 week in the NICU after they were born for temperature instability.  Other than that things are going about as planned.  No one wants to believe me when I say that we only wanted 2 kids and we are done now :)
  • Aww congrats on your two little boys! Thats exactly how I fell-- I can get my entire family done with only 1 labor!
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