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NBR--really sore throat

What else could cause a really, really sore throat other than strep, tonsilitis, etc?

I don't have a fever, just a little nose/throat congestion (if that even makes sense--I feel like I constantly need to clear my throat), a super sore throat (like it hurts pretty bad to drink ice water or yawn), and earlier I had a headache and general achiness. But mostly, it's just the sore throat. I feel like strep or tonsilitis usually involves a fever or other symptoms.

I hesitate to go to the Dr if it's just a cold or something, because I'm pretty sure my file there probably has a big "hypochondriac" stamp on it already...LOL. (Perhaps you remember this post? hehe).

But I will say, this really, really hurts. Sad

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Re: NBR--really sore throat

  • Drainage and clearing your throat too much can make it very sore :)

    Ben kept telling me about 2 weeks ago that his tongue hurt so we went to the dr. and his throat was gross.  It was not strep though.  She said viral tonsilitis has been going around but there was nothing they could do since it was viral.  On the flip side, she had seen some cases of strep recently as well. 

    Might want to get that checked out.

    My sweet boy :)
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  • Sorry you're in so much pain! I was thinking it could be allergies. Or a cold, like you thought. DH and DD both had colds recently.

    Try taking some Advil for your sore throat. It's very effective!

    Hope you feel better soon!

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  • Yeah, I do get sore throats with colds/drainage, but this is a lot worse than usual. Usually they're just annoying, this is painful. I took a few Advil this morning, and it's helped a little.

    But I went ahead and scheduled an appt today with the heathcare at DH's work. At least it's free. (Which is probably why I go for any little thing, and get the hypochondriac stamp. hehe) But I figured if it was something, I might as well get started on the antibiotics so it hopefully won't ruin my long weekend!

    There's been several cases of strep in DD's class (including one parent) so who knows, I guess it could be that..


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