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Re-introducing myself

Hi ladies, I've asked a few questions on this board before and some of you have been generous enough to answer, so thank you. I'm hoping that this time around I will be able to log on more and reply more.

My DH is currently in AIT and will be leaving for Korea soon for a year. He's upset that he's going to miss our DD's first birthday and our DS's first day of school among a lot of things but we both understand that it comes with being a military family (even though it doesnt make it any easier). I hope to get to know you ladies better. 

PS ..... my name is Renee. 

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Re: Re-introducing myself

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    If you have the opportunity to visit him, take it. I recognize with little ones, he may want to do his mid tour at home, but I loved Korea and was very sad when we were not able to get a Command Sponsored slot.
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