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Does Anyone reccomend thier OB/GYN in the South Bay?

I'm a newbie to the bump and 9 weeks pregnant with my first, and am desperate to find a new doctor in my area. My current doctor is ok, just a bit brisk and all business, not at all resassuring. On our first visit we didn't even get a chance to sit down with her and ask where she delivers, her C section rate, overall philosophy, etc.

So, I am looking for a new doctor who delivers locally (NOT cedars sinai) and has a really good bedside manner. Does anyone in my area (Redondo Beach) LOVE thier doctor??? Or have friends who have had great experiences?

Also, if anyone has experience giving birth at either Torrance or Little Company of mary, can you reply as well?


Re: Does Anyone reccomend thier OB/GYN in the South Bay?

  • Hi,

    I am moving to the South Bay so I asked around for referrals.  I ended up deciding to stick with my current doctor because I really like her (but she delivers at cedars).

     The two referrals I received are:

    Dr. Latrice Allen (Torrance):

     Dr. Lily Lee (Manhattan Beach) (this link is to her sister, who is in the same practice):

    There is also a meet up group for South Bay new and expecting moms, you may want to ask them.  If you can't find it, you can PM me.

     I am at 9 weeks too and currently living in Culver City! 

  • My Hubby and I LOVE our doc.  

    Dr. Bujor.

    She is very supportive of my husband's participation in our appointments and encourages us to ask questions at the end of each visit. We each bring a list with us for our visits and she thinks its great.  

    She's in Torrance, right next to Torrance Memorial.

    Hope that helps!   

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  • Looks like you're getting some options!  I am almost 12 weeks and like my OB so far.  I also heard from another physician (non-OB) that he is good - this other physician has a friend who is ALSO a physician who used him.  His name is Dr. Scharffenberger - his office is in Torrance, and he primarily delivers at Little Company of Mary in Torrance.  I also heard from a nurse/mother of 3 that she really liked Little Company of Mary (she also delivered at Torrance Memorial and can't remember where else); you deliver and recover in the same room. 

     Dr Scharffenberger's number is 310-370-7277.  My husband met him at our last appointment and liked him, as do I. 

     Best of luck to you!  :)

  • Dr. Scharffenberger is great!  He is very calm and patient, and a good listener.  He also is very attentive to your issues and answers all your questions.
  • I have Kaiser, but I have friends that have delivered at Little Co. and loved it, had a great experience. I dont know what her OB's name was, but she said that the facility and staff were always great through her pregnancy and labor. GL!!!



  • Yes! Medical Group of Women Physicians.

    They have locations in Redondo Beach and Manhtanna Beach.  I go to the Manhattan Beach office.  I love them!  Everyone who works there is amazing.  I look forward to my visits every time. 

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