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I'm either crazy or pregnant! (X-posted)

I seriously feel like I'm losing my mind. For the last month I've felt like crap, and for the last week I've been wondering if the cause is a pregnancy. I have an IUD, so I shouldn't be pregnant. Now I think I have "all day" sickness? WTF??

 I have two negative POAS and a drs appointment in the morning.  Am I crazy? Is there any other condition that causes you to think you are pregnant? Has anyone else gotten pregnant while on IUD? I have Mirena.

 My symptoms (of whatever) are ridiculous exhaustion/fatigue even though I'm sleeping more, emotions all over the place, very bad lower back pain, and now creeping nausea since Thursday that gets better usually when I eat. Oh, and my hands are swellling, but I don't even know if that could be a pg symptom so early.
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Re: I'm either crazy or pregnant! (X-posted)

  • Oh. Ha. Apparently I also have increased sense of smell because it is KILLING ME that neighbors are smoking and my husband can't smell it unless he reeeallly tries. I can't get awayf rom it.
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  • Yes, you are crazy.  That is all.


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  • I've had two different friends get pregnant while using an IUD.  Except when they POAS it was positive.  Just to give you a heads up, it is REALLY dangerous to be pregnant with an IUD in.  They have to remove it and that causes miscarrirage.  Good luck, hopefully you just have the flu!

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  • Yes, there is a chaaance that you are crazy, but I have to tell you, your symptoms sound eerily similar to mine, except I am 10 weeks pregnant.  What might also alarm you is that I also had an IUD in, which never slipped out of place.  I know your POAS were negative, but that is actually fairly concerning to me, because ectopic pregnancy is slightly more likely if you get pregnant with an IUD in, and can cause a false negative.  You really need to go see a doctor, because if you are having this many symptoms and do in fact have an ectopic pregnancy, it is a great and immediate danger to you. 

     I wish you the best of luck, and if you are pregnant, feel free to message me.  I'm sure I've recently had the feelings you're having now.  
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  • Apparently I'm just crazy....I got a blood test and it was negative for hcg.


    Now what the hell is wrong with me???

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  • Are you on mirena?  Hormonal BC can mimic pregnancy symptoms.  Your symptoms seem like a lot for that to be the case, but I guess it's possible.  
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