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Day care recommendations

We live in Manhattan and are expecting our first (and only!) child in November and we are exploring the day care options.  We initially ruled out a nanny because we've heard horror stories of nannies quitting with no notice AND we like the socialization aspect of day care - as well as the cost.  Plus it makes me nervous with 1 person watching the child rather than a day care where there seems to be more accountability if an employee is mistreating children (it seems like someone will see something).  But these are just initials thoughts and we aren't ruling anything out.  Does anyone have any recommendations on day care or reputable services for nannies?  I'm only 13 weeks and this is already overwhelming!  Thank you!

Re: Day care recommendations

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  • I just looked into one place in my neighborhood (Lower East Side). For full-time day care, it was around $1,900 per month, which is more than we can really afford. On my sad little salary, it is probably be better for me to stay home with the baby! I'm guessing daycare centers in other parts of the city are similar.

    If you want to go the daycare route, look at the adult to child ratio (should be 1:3 or 1:4), and line up tours for places that are near your home and/or work. Also, you should probably start doing this ASAP. The woman I spoke with said that there is a waiting list, and availability depends on a spot opening up. They didn't take infants until they were three months old.



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