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If you're baby only nurses on one side per feeding....

Do you pump on the other side?  I'm torn....I don't want to pump because then doesn't that encourage milk production I don't need?  But I don't want to get clogged ducts or mastitis and since the milk lets down on both sides when baby sucks on one, I'm not sure what to do..


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Re: If you're baby only nurses on one side per feeding....

  • If you want the stash go ahead and pump. I do, depending on when DS last fed on each boob. On nights when he only wakes once and feeds from one breast, my other one has gone 12 hours without being drained and I have to pump that one, or have it explode on me. However, I've never been susceptible to mastitis or clogged ducts, so I might just be lucky. You could just pump a little to relieve yourself but not drain the breast. GL.

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  • I use a Milkies milk savor to catch what comes down from the other side. I use that milk to make her bottles with when I work and freeze what ever is extra. It has been working out really well. I catch about 1.5 to 2 oz everytime she eats. I put what ever I catch in a bottle and refridgerate it and I do the same with the next feeding once both are cold I combine it to make one bottle. I have made 6 bottles of 3oz each in the past 3 days (started monday) , I only work thursday, friday and saturdays. So what ever she doesnt eat by saturday when i get home gets frozen. I start again on sunday.

    I love that the milkies catches the milk insted of it being absorbed by a pad and it helps so I dont feel so full between feedings. Its been working great for me so far. It hasnt affected my milk supply or anything since im not forcing anything out.

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    I pump once in the morning on whatever side she's not eating on, but that's the only time I pump.

  • I pump through the night for my stash and right before bed as well.  Also, during the morning during her long nap I'll pump.  During the middle of the day when DD is awake it is much harder to pump, so I usually don't.  There are times of the day that I always seem to have a fussy baby due to not enough to drink (usually after I had worked a lot during the weekend) and I'll pump after feedings then to encourage production to go back up.  I only do that about 2 days a week after work days are over for the week.
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  • image nattn:
    I pump once in the morning on whatever side she's not eating on, but that's the only time I pump.

    Same. And I have a great stash from that - I can usually get 6 oz a side in the morning. My LO normally only eats one side, and that has been fine (i don't pump otherwise) but lately she's been taking both....either way, your body adjusts quickly. 


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  • I will only pump sometimes in the morning after he eats but that's only really now coming about because he's sleeping longer so I am more engorged on one side and just fuller in general.  But--I also will pump one side at another point in the day if I have somewhere I need to be and need a bottle. Since I never know how much I'll be able to pump, I try to make sure I can fit in two sessions before I go somewhere just in case.
  • I never pump the side the baby doesn't feed on. I have an oversupply, and don't want to encourage more production. If I start to feel engorged I will manually express some milk into a burp cloth. But I tend to leak a lot especially during a feeding, so it usually releases the pressure on its own. I do pump both sides in the morning after DS's first feeding though, so I can build a stash.
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  • I do not. I was and created and oversupply and am trying to get rid of it by block feeding.
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    I don't and I can't imagine having to do that! I already have a bit of an oversupply, I wouldn't want to encourage them more. 
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  • yes once she finishes I will pump the rest of the nursed side and then pump the other side for storage.
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