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OB/GYN recs in Marietta area

Does anyone have an OB/GYN they recommend? Also, what hospital do you recommend delivering at? I would have to have a c-section if that makes a difference. I live in West Marietta but we're looking to move soon to Woodstock, Roswell, East Cobb or Alpharetta so distance at this point doesn't matter. I just want a really good doctor!

Re: OB/GYN recs in Marietta area

  • I have been going to OBGYN and associates for quite some time. The practice is awesome, both of my children were delivered at Kennestone Hospital. The practice is moving into a new wing that was recently added onto the hospital. They are currently located on Plaza Way but will be moving into the hospital very soon. I have seen or almost every doctor and midwife in the practice and have not had a bad experience with any of them. I have had two c-sections both done by Dr. Windom.

    Let me know if you need any help searching for home too. www.exploregeorgiahomes.com or [email protected].

    Oh and this practice also has an office in Woodstock too so it is very convenient for you. Several ladies on the board also go to this practice. Good Luck! 


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  • I see Dr. Pitcher in Marietta.  She's in practice w/ Shin, Cauthen, Street, and Robbins right across from Kennestone.  It's all female and no midwives if that matters to you.  I love this practice so much and I loved delivering at Kennestone w/ both kids.  They were both c/s and I had great experiences both times.  If you plan to BF, Kennestone is probably the best hospital in Atlanta as far as LC's.  I had one in the recovery room waiting for me after my c/s.  DD was nursing within 15 minutes of her delivery!  You won't get that everywhere.  Also, no one wants to think about it, but if you end up needing the NICU, Kennestone's was wonderful as well.  DS spent 5 days in there and it was hard but they made it as painless as possible. 






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  • I, as well as a few others on this board, go to Obgyn Associates. I love them! I delivered at Kennestone, and had a great experience there, as well.
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  • I delivered in Kennestone as well. No complaints at all. I actually had to travel an hr just to get there lol so It comes highly recommended from me. I saw Doctor Nicholson which is right next to the Hospital. Its a 1 doctor practice which is why I chose him. His wife is also the midwife there.
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  • I also go to OBGYN and associates and see Dr. Espy. While I haven't had children yet I have had gynecological surgery that required me to stay in the women's center at Kennestone and I received excellent care there and would feel very comfortable delivering there in the future.
  • Thanks for all the recommendations! Looks like I'll be spending my evening looking into which one accepts my insurance. I appreciate all of your help!
  • I have also had 2 c-sections with Dr. Windom from OBGYN associates.  I love him! Awesome experience both times:)
  • I also love Kennestone Hospital.  I use Kennestone OB/GYN and really love Dr. Phillips.
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  • imagelindzed:
    I also love Kennestone Hospital.  I use Kennestone OB/GYN and really love Dr. Phillips.
    I didn't have a c-section but I delivered at Kennestone and used Kennestone OBGYN as well.  I love Dr. Phillips, Dr. Sutherland, Dr. McLendon (who actually delivered Ava) and the midwife Julie.  


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