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:: Chicago Weekly Check In ::

Welcome to this week's Chicago Bump Check-in! 

If you want to be added to the check-in, please respond to this post and let me know what brings you to the bump (Do you have a DC? DD or DS? Date of DC's birthday? Are you pregnant (how far along) or TTC?), whether you live in the city or burbs (give me a direction: N, NW, W, SW, S).

Also, pregnant ladies: keep me updated if you move from team green to pink or blue! And let us know when your LOs arrive! We have a due date that passed and some coming up soon! :)

And finally, some shout outs, hugs, etc.:

Also, it looks like a lot of you will be finding out which team you'll be joining soon, should you choose to not be Team Green!

Looks like we have a quite few due dates coming up really soon!! Any signs of labor starting, ladies?

Chicago Moms

ChiCubsGirl, DS born 12/14/10 + DD born 6/23/09, Naperville
Madison830, DS born 12/13/10, W suburbs
eileen12183, DD born 12/4/10, Chicago
Sara714, DS born 11/11/10, Evanston
ChiTown Bridget, DS born 11/6/10, N suburbs
Amanda78, DD born 11/5/10, Lincoln Square
KristenC25, DS born 10/18/10, Albany Park
Lisa602, DD born 10/12/10, South Loop
chelle2506, DS born 10/10/10, W suburbs
Mollymay39, DD and DS born 9/23/10 + DD born 7/20/08, suburbs
alduarte, DS born 9/2/10, Bucktown/Wicker Park
Soon 2 B Mrs. Wells, DS born 7/26/10 + 5 year old DS + 14 year old DD, Westside
weebs1818, DD born 7/23/10, South Loop
kimberlyd546, DS born 7/20/10, Tinley Park
kme930, DS born 6/22/10, Lincoln Park
ladychicago, DD born 6/3/10, Streeterville/Gold Coast
BeckyKozi, DD born 11/22/06 + DD born 2/10/05, SW suburbs (is that right now? :) )
NathsPrncss, DD born 2/6/10, Hanover Park
TMDMJAOCT07, DD born 2/5/10, NW suburbs
Jordanandnumber2, DD born 2/5/10 + DD born 2/12/01, N suburbs
ReniaB, DS born 1/11/10, NW suburbs
LSzwaya, DS born 12/31/09, Northwestside
CTJourney, DS born 10/23/09, SW suburbs
nmr79, DD born 10/9/09, Winnetka (did I get that right?)
briderx, DS born 9/24/09, Southside (did I get that right?)
egsquared, DD born 8/14/09, Lakeview
calex33, DD born 7/16/09, N/NW suburbs
pharmacygirl, DS born 6/26/09 + DS born 9/22/07, W suburbs
DTNZ4Ever, DS born 3/24/09, NW suburbs
mrs.lizzieb, DS born 2/26/09, + lo due 10/28/11 Roscoe Village
kelbrian, DD born 7/6/08, Logan Square
KChicago, DD born 8/12/06, Lakeview
ScarlettBlue, 11.5 year old DS
Joelen&Louis, DS born 5/8/10, Irving Park
MrsD627, DS born 7/5/10, Western suburbs
magdalenamtz, DDborn 2/11/11, Bridgeport
lelekay, DS born 7/22/10, North suburbs
hijoi, DS born 6/28/09, Oak Lawn
laura3462, DS born 9/11/10, Lincoln Square
CareBear0607, DD born 6/6/08; DS born 11/6/10, Western burbs
KatieKat1182, SDD born 7/27/11; DD born5/1/07, Lake in the Hills
orienae, DD 5/22/10, Andersonville
schmoodle, DS 06/2009, + DD on the way due 7/9/11, suburbs
laura&ry, DD born 3/2/11, South loop
SouthSideDrea, DS born 4/6/11, Southside
canrenell, DD born 4/1/11, Westside
KimPatten, DD born 3/24/11, Wicker Park
MrsPArmyWifey, DS born 11/4/10, Brookfield
kkhauge44, DS born 6/14/10, Ravenswood
Mini_Mariah, DD born 7/6/08, DS born 5/24/10, LaGrange
jkmbean, DS born 9/16/10, Lincoln Square
ScarlettBlue, DD due 1/12/11, Riverside
MrsDrCook, LO due 2/14/11, Lakeview
MsJosie, DD due 3/24/11, Huntley
BBColt78, LO due 4/5/11
Soutcalex33, LO due 4/16/11, N/NW suburbs
aprilandshane, LO due 4/16/11, N suburbs
chubchub, LO due 4/20/11, River North
mmks, LO due 4/21/11, Wrigleyville
mrambo3, DS due 4/24/11, SW suburbs
luvnlfe, DS due 5/4/11, River North
SarahK06, DS due 5/8/11, Wheaton
MISnJER80, DD due 5/11/11
weddingcaketester, DD due 5/17/11, South Loop
SarahP15, LO due 6/6/11, Schaumburg
christelrn, DS due 6/8/11, Streeterville/Goldcoast
Koukla26, DS due 6/9/11, Naperville
lady3057, DS due 6/19/11, Edgebrook
celiabeth, DD! due 6/19/11, South Loop
LaSraOrtega, DS due 6/20/11, Buffalo Grove
Nurse Lisa, LO due 6/24/11, Edison Park
Pockety, LO due 6/27/11, Gold Coast
Chris&Jillshow, LO due 7/1/11, North Center
pp709, LO due 7/3/11, Algonquin
ylopez87, LO due 7/4/11, Bridgeport
loiskoo, DD due 7/7/11, NW suburbs
ShyVi826, LO due 7/8/11, NW suburbs
mcericola12, LO due 7/10/11, Streamwood
Jesusita2002, DS due 7/12/11,
iheartmyllama, DS due 7/12/11, Plainfield
MamaC2b2011, DD due 7/21/11, Bartlett
kaugie, LO due 8/3/11, Ravenswood
KChicago, LO due 8/12/11, Lakeview
jillianc, LO due 8/19/11 (did I get that right?)
Klat, LO due 8/20/11, Lakeview
BeckyKozi, LO due 8/21/11, SW suburbs
ElectoRed, DS due 8/15/11, Southside
alubins, DS due 8/12/11, Homer Glen
ealong, LO due 8/25/11, Rogers Park
Themetastic, DS due 8/31/11, Hanover Park
CortneyK09, LO due 9/1/11, Lincoln Park
gkb0910, LO due 9/2/11, Schaumburg
Jenyfur99, LO due 9/6/11 (did I get that right? you didn't note your stats in your response, but I tried to figure it out!)
seggie70, LO due 9/10/11, Roscoe Village
Lauren5482, LO due 9/13/11, SW suburbs
chigirl0330, LO due 9/19/11, Lincoln Park
saretops, LO due 9/28/11, Arlington Heights 
Mizrunzou, LO due 10/3/11, Bucktown
Mandy747, LO due 10/7/11, Lincoln Park
nick&heather, LO due 10/7/11, Lansing
boobearmama, LO due 11/11/11, Old Town
rubyjem00, LO due 12/1/11, Lincoln Square 
PV0105, LO due 12/6/11,  Northside
Jen98jib, LO due 12/14/11, Lincoln Square 
mrskimm09, LO due 12/27/11, south suburbs

smsakai, Lincoln Square

QOTW:   Do you (or did you before you had your child(ren) like to read? Is there a book that comes to mind instantly when somebody is looking for a recommendation?

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Re: :: Chicago Weekly Check In ::

  • I have, over the last few years, rediscovered how much I enjoy reading.  Now that I have been sucked into many birthing, breastfeeding, etc. books, I find that I go back to my favorite author James Patterson when looking for a mindless mystery that I can read quickly and feel accomplished.
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  • You can add me to the new mom list. DS born 4/24/11 I don't have a lot of time to read but when I do, I can pick anything up by Jodi and instantly fall deep into her books.
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  • I read often.  Since becoming pregnant though, I am very scatterbrained and have a hard time concentrating on a book (besides my pile of pregnancy books). I always recommend the Sookie Stackhouse series to people who are looking for a fun read.
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  • Still here and very pregnant (and ready for LO to come out!!). I do love to read - Jane Austen is my all time favorite author, but I also like more contemporary reads as well. My book recommendations depend on the person, but I do love a good book! And I love bookstores, a dying breed.
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  • This is my first. I get a lot of opportunities to read.
    TTC #1 since 5/10 BFP 4/9/11 Natural M/C 5/15/11 Hypothyroidism and PCOS Clomid 1/13...
  • I have always loved to read, but since becoming pregnant I have had a hard time really focusing and finishing a book. I do always recommend Jane Eyre, Tana French's first two novels (In the Woods, and The Likeness), and I love anything by Stephen King.
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  • mmksmmks member

    Still knocked up!

    I always recommend Roses by Leila Meacham.  It's a great epic novel which reminds me of Gone With the Wind.  You can get really into the lives of the characters!

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  • I definitely don't read as much as I did before DS, but I do try and get in a little each day whether during naps or at night.  For a quick, easy read I always enjoy Jodi Picoult books.  Right now I'm reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and it is fascinating!
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  • imagemrs.lizzieb:
    I definitely don't read as much as I did before DS, but I do try and get in a little each day whether during naps or at night.  For a quick, easy read I always enjoy Jodi Picoult books.  Right now I'm reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and it is fascinating!


    Oh my goodness, yes that is a great book!  I loved reading it.

     I forget who wrote it, but "My Name is Memory" is a really good book.  It's about a man who keeps getting reincarnated and falls in love with the same woman over and over again.  He can remember his past lives, but she never does.

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  • Hi all! 

    I am due October 14th and live in West Town.

    The last book I read before I was pregnant was The Help.  I loved it!

  • Yay just got a bfp last week. I'm due I'm guessing the first week of January. I love to read but I don't get much time to do it.
    M/C 11/06, Jackson 9-22-07 Jordan 6-26-09, Jeremiah 1-5-12

    Here we go with 2 under 2 again. BFP July 28 - totally unexpected!!

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  • I've always liked to read but since getting my Kindle, I love to read. It's just so easy to have essentially any book you want at your fingertips. My favorite book is I, Claudius - a historical fiction novel.
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