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icandy pear?

Has anyone heard of or have any experience with this stroller?


It is definitely pricey but seems like it offers a lot of different options in terms of set up, seats that you can change out, etc... 

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Re: icandy pear?

  • i would rather have the BJ City Select. I don't like how the pear's seats are situated as much as the Select... the stadium seating on the select is so nice- the back child has a great view like the front.... the Pear it seems that the back child is the lower one- which isn't as good IMO... esp since the Select does all the other seat combos as the pear (2 car seats, facing front/back/middle, etc). 

    I have the select and LOVE it.

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  • I love my iCandy Pear.  I, too, looked at the Baby Jogger.  Initially, I liked it because of the versatility of the seats, but after playing with it in the store, I realized that in most of the positions, I couldn't lay the seats back for nap time, and my kids love to sleep in their stroller.  They would have to sit up, and that would be really uncomfortable for them, and unhealthy too, I learned. 

     I went with Pear because both my seats can lay back without one seat getting in the way of the other.  It is easy to push, has suspension and a super long handle bar, all that the Baby Jogger doesn't have.  The better stroller was clear to me! 

  • I love the icandy Pear - the pear has so many options! The seat and cot can go both ways (looking at me and looking out) so the littlens can look at parents and when they have had enough of us - they can take in the world. I dont find it too heavy (i am 5ft 4) as i understand that if i want all this room and stability for a toddler (24 months) and baby it is best to have this kind of pram. The material is really great and very strong (which is fantastic when you have a grumpy toddler pulling at it!) it moves between shops so well but also holds its own ground out and about (walking in a wood) Another thing that attracts me to this pram is that many other prams for the littlen at the bottom it looks like there is excess material around the edges so the bottom kid has no view what so ever! where as the pear has plenty of viewing for both kids. I would reccomend the pear to everyone that is looking for a pram that will last and looks great! I think it is at the top in the world of these kind of prams!!!!!
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