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We're doing the 3DPT - daycare question

We are on the 3rd day of PTing (although in talking to friends who did it they said it took a little longer than 3 days for their kiddo to be fully trained)  But I have a question - On Friday (which will be day 5) we are having our daycare lady take him in the evening and overnight, instead of during the day time (in-home daycare) because I am in a wedding that night. 

Now he has been going there for over a year but it's only one day a week and he will still cry when I drop him off sometimes (only for a few minutes but he is VERY partial to Grandma's house) so I am wondering if, since PTing is still fresh and new, and he is more comfortable at G-ma's, if we should have him go to her house instead of daycare or what other people's experience was with bringing kiddo to other's houses/daycare etc during the early days of 3DPT?

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Re: We're doing the 3DPT - daycare question

  • We had a ton of luck with it, actually. On day 3 we took her out and about for lunch and to play on the playground, on the fourth day we drove to see her new baby cousin in the hospital (about an hour away), on the fifth day we went to my parents' house over night (hour and a half away). I figured out that she goes about every hour and a half, so if she hasn't asked to go, I would ask her. I shared this with anyone who was watching her. She made it through her first day at daycare, yesterday, (one week after beginning 3 day PT) without any accidents. She really adapts to all situations. I should add that she is still wearing diapers for nap and during the night.

     I bet everything will be fine. I was worried at first, too!

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  • our first day of daycare after starting 3DPT was on day 5 as well.

    my son goes to daycare only 1-2 days a week.  we gave his teachers a note with how we've been training him at home, and instructed our son to "let teacher know when he has to go potty". he surprised us when he came home with a good report- no accidents!

     ETA: whoops, just realized that this reply is a few days late. hope all went well!




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