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3rd Trimester

When it rains, it freakin pours

This is a poor pitiful me; need to get it out rant/vent post. Just need to get it all out before I go insane and get committed.

LO will be born in 11 days via schd c-section, wasn't my first choice, but whatever. He will be here and healthy and that's all that matters.

It's freaking hot on the coast of MS. Temps already getting into the high 80s. Our air conditioner died. So we have no air. There's no fixing it. Entire thing needs to be replaced. Estimated cost: $1200 plus labor. (Oh, and that's the discount DH gets because he works for an a.c. distributor). So I get to bring my LO home to a house with no air. Aint that grand?

Now, to top it all off, my car died today. It's sitting in the exit drive of the post office. Can I get ahold of DH? Of course not. So, me and the dogs walk home. Granted, we live across the street and down one house, so it's not that far. We've already dropped $250 into the "supposed" messed up part on the car (replaced the same part twice and it's still not working properly).

We have $100 until DH gets paid again in two weeks. Won't be getting the car or the air fixed anytime soon. On top of all this, all of my family was affected by the tornadoes that went thru Alabama Wednesday. Thankfully everyone is alive and unharmed; and minimal damage to their homes, but they are all out of power for 2 weeks and I feel so freaking helpless for them.

What a freaking nightmare!

rant/vent over


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Re: When it rains, it freakin pours

  • I would say you have every right to pout! Take a cold(er) shower, grab some ice cream or frozen yogurt & watch a good movie until dh comes home so you can cry/pout some more! :)




  • Hang in there!  I would see if you could find a free window air condition on freecycle to tie you over until you can replace your current system. 
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  • Got fans goin in the den and our bedroom, plus all windows open. Luckily there's a nice breeze out today so it's not too terribly bad. We had an extra window unit but DH gave it to his brother.

    Finally got ahold of DH and he got the car moved into our yard.

    Already broke out the ice cream! lol

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  • Holy Sh*&!  T&P's sweetie!  I hope things turn around for you!  And I'm glad your family is safe.


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  • Oh you have every right to pout/cry/scream etc.  My T&P are with you, hope things turn around for you! Smile
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  • I would say that you have had a lot of bad luck going on. That really stinks and I hope things completely turn around for you! Keep your head up and try to focus that sometimes bills/needs have to wait to be paid and life throws you curve balls. :)
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  • T&P to u and your family, hope things turn around for u.
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  • Thanks everyone. A friend of DH's stepbrother is a mechanic is gonna come look at my car free of charge. He thinks it may be a cheap fix. (fingers crossed!!!)

    DH has the air temporarily working. Hopefully we'll be able to get it fixed before the temps get into the 100s next month

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