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39 wks tomorrow..

AND I'M FLIPPING OVER IT! haha I know a week is going to fly by, but still. Here's to being a May Momma! Good luck to all those who's LO make thier apperance this week!
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Re: 39 wks tomorrow..

  • Agreed, & I'm  1 1/2 weeks behind you. sighhhh

    Landon & Porter
    1-10-07 & 5-11-11
  • Ugh, I'm with you. And had contractions allllll night... only for them to stop when I laid down to rest. I'm so done. So. Done.
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  • I am 39 tomorrow too! I am actually getting induced tomorrow! Cant wait!!! 
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  • Seriously. Let's do this thing. He's so grounded if he's late...
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