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sleepy times

I expected my baby to be sleepy during/after a feeding, but I didn't expect to get sleepy myself. Every time I can barely keep my eyes open. Is this something I can expect to experience long term? Or is it just cuz I'm only on day 3?
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Re: sleepy times

  • This is only temporary, although BF will probably make you feel drowsy the whole time that you are nursing.  Those first couple of weeks are the worst though.  Your body is still trying to recover from giving birth so you are tired anyway. 

     Don't worry though. After a couple of weeks you won't be falling asleep every time you BF.  Congrats on your new arrival.

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  • I think I was sleepy 24 hours on day three, so I can't say if BFing made me more sleepy or not!  Even now, though, it is SO relaxing for me.  If DS falls asleep while feeding, I sometimes just sit with him and close my eyes.  It's the only relaxation time I get because I just cannot force myself to sit still during his naps - I have so much to do.
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  • Breastfeeding releases a hormone that makes you and baby sleepy.  For some women they feel sleepy everytime they nurse, for other's it goes away in a few weeks/months.  It's natures way of telling you to slow down a rest.
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  • It used to happen every time with me, too. Somewhere along the line, I only started to feel drowsy during night time nursing. 
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