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Pregnant after a Loss

What is this pain?

I have a constant pressure in my upper abdomen, and it hurts to take a deep breath.  I've tried changing positions, walking around, etc...and nothing seems to be helping.  Is this just LO's position, or something else?



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Re: What is this pain?

  • It;s baby. I have it right now! It's so uncomfotable
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  • Sounds like baby!
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  • That was me the other night, but it was dedicated to one spot in particular.  When I breathed in, it hurt more.  As long as it's above the belly button, the doctor wasn't concerned for me.
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  • Baby and stretching. I have LOs butt right in the middle of my sternum right now. Hurts like hell, not sure hope I'm going to take 10 more weeks. Also I feel like my belly button is going to bust haha
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