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3rd Trimester

yah i'm proud.

I just successfully painted my very own toenails. Although it sort of looks like a 4 year old did it, at least they are pink again and not ugly anymore Smile

Re: yah i'm proud.

  • I really need to do this!!!

    I would love just to make an appointment for a pedi, but I'm sure the minute I do, I'll have this baby!

    Now that's an idea!!haha 

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  • I did mine last weekend and it was quite an accomplishment! :) Now I'm going to just keep painting over them if I see some chipping off since this baby could be here any day. I want them to look nice since it's finally flip flop weather and I don't have the patience to take it all off and start again. haha
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  • Good job! But next time you're entitled to a pedicure, It can put you into labor :)
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  • image Hbowers16:
    Good job! But next time you're entitled to a pedicure, It can put you into labor :)


    I had a massage the other day but it did no good. I am scheduled for two more this next week though so we'll see if he decides to come after that. (If he doesn't I won't be too sad because I am still only in my 37th week until next wednesday. Although my dr wants me to try and have him sooner rather than later so we don't have to induce since they think my placenta may possibly be giving up already Tongue Tied)

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