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Pregnant after IF

OMG...After 7 yrs...BFP!!!!!

I finally get to post it here!!!! We've been TTC since 2004. We adopted our little boy in Dec of 06 and were still actively trying to conceive. I have endo and scar tissue surrounding my right tube and ovary so only my left side is functioning. My CM proved to be a hostile environment for sperm. I had 7 IUIs that all failed. The Drs told me that IVF was my only option. We just proved them wrong tonight when I got my very first BFP!! I am in complete shock and cannot stop crying!!


I never believed this would actually happen for us, so now I don't know what the next step is. Do I go to my regular Dr for tests or do I need to get an OB/GYN? Or since I have know fertility/hormone issues, should I contact my RE even though this wasn't a medicated cycle?

Nia, Mom to Jayden Michael, Born 12/04/06, Adopted 12/07/06
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Re: OMG...After 7 yrs...BFP!!!!!

  • Wow, that is wonderful!  Congratulations :)  


    As far as which dr to call, I'd call either your OB/GYN or your RE (even though, as you said, this was not a medicated cycle), and either of them should tell you what to do next.




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  • Congrats and welcome!
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    Congrats and welcome!

    Btw - your little boy is adorable!  

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  • Congratulations!  I would think that if this is a surprise BFP and you've not seen your RE in a while, calling your OB/GYN would be most appropriate.  That is super awesome!!!So happy for you!
    4.5 years TTC

    22 rounds of meds, S/p two exploratory laps, one ovarian wedge resection and one d&c for miscarriage in 9/09
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  • Congrats and welcome!  I would call the RE and let them know...and then depending what they say, I would call the OB/GYN.

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  • Wow, that's a long time to ttc.  So much congrats!  What does your DS think?

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  • Congrats!!
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    Our twin boys arrived at 36w5d due to IUGR and a growth discordance

    FET: Medicated FET moved up to 5/23 due to ovulation
    Transferred a 6BB hatched blastocyst- genetically normal female embryo
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  • image goodgollie:
    Wow, that's a long time to ttc.  So much congrats!  What does your DS think?

    He saw all of the excitement last night (my parents came over and my mom cried when she saw the test) and he joined in. We told him there's a baby in mommy's tummy and he kissed my stomach. Before we went to bed he said, "Wait, kiss the baby." and pointed to HIS stomach. He's very silly. Prayerfully we will have 8-9 months to prepare him :)

    Thanks so much for the congrats ladies!!! I still can't believe it even though I just took a digital this morning and it says pregnant!

    Nia, Mom to Jayden Michael, Born 12/04/06, Adopted 12/07/06
    And Elias Parker, Born 3.5 weeks early 12/20/2011 image
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  • Congratulations and welcome! That is wonderful! Your little boy is absolutely beautiful :)
    Lucky SAHM to Grace


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  • Congrats and welcome! I agree with the PP who said to call your RE and go from there.

    So happy for you! Your little boy is adorable. :) 

    ? We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness... ?

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  • I just cried when I read your post!  Congratulations! 

    Call your RE and your OB to cover all of your bases!!!!

    And, good gawd, that son of yours is ADORABLE!!!!!

  • aww, that is amazing! congrats!
    Diagnosed with anovulatory PCOS & hypothyroidism
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  • WOW, congratulations! What an amazing moment. Your chances of getting betas drawn and an early ultrasound are probably a bit higher with a RE so that is who I would call!
    TTC #1 since 6/08, MFI dx'd 3/09 Varicocelectomy 6/09, Hydrocelectomy 10/09 IVF with ICSI in Jan/Feb 2010 ER 2/7, ET 2/12 - transferred 2 blasts 5 snowbabies Beta #1 = 22 #2 = 19. Chemical Pregnancy :( FET May 2010 ET 5/30 - transferred 3 embies = BFN Fall/10 Went Gluten free + New RE and Clinic IUI #1 + Clomid 50 mg (1 follie) on 1/18 IUI #2 + Clomid 100 mg (1 follie) on 2/15 IUI# 3 + Femara 7.5 mg (1 follie) on 3/14 = BFP!!!! Beta #1 = 172 (15dpiui) Beta #2 =683!!! Ultrasound at 7 wks: 1 perfect beating heart. Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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    WONDERFUL!  Congratulations to you, your hubby and your DS (who is gorgeous btw).

    So glad to have you join us!

    After two rounds of IF, multiple medicated cycles and IVF...

    We have our family

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  • Congratulations!! I would say straight to the OB is fine.
  • So excited for you N! SOOOO past your turn!
  • Congrats!

    And your son is cute!!

    BTW, I lived in New Orleans for 4 years (2000-2004).  I miss it there.

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  • Congratulations! What a long journey you have had. And your son is just adorable!!! Best of luck to you!!!
    TTC #1 with PCOS since 1/10

    6/10-10/10 Clomid 100&150mg~ cancelled,no response,Provera

    11/10 Gonal F+Lupron trigger- OHSS,coast,trigger,no O,Provera

    Lap 12/28/10- Polyps and Endo removed

    April 11 IVF #1~ <3twins<3= m/c 5w3d D&C 5/20 <br>
    June 11 IVF #2~ m/c 6w1d D&C 9/1

    2 copies of MTHFR found: C677T & A1298C

    Jan 12- 2000mgs Metformin

    May 12 IVF #3- Lupron 5/29,Stims 6/8,ER 6/17-25R, 20M, 16F w/ICSI,3 snowbabies, ET 6/22 of one 5AA blast, Beta #1- 62, Beta #2- 98.6, Beta #3- 196. Please let this be our sticky take home baby

    **Praying 3rd time's the charm!!**

    ~*All Are Welcome*~

    .:Impatience is not a fertility issue:.


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    Congrats and welcome!
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