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sore nipples/thrush question

I'm hoping someone can help.  I have a crack on my left nipple that opened up into a crater.  It's just a wide open raw spot.  The lactation consultant was horrified when she saw it.  She said it's the worse case of thrush she had seen.  I saw her at 6 weeks pp before I went back to work.  It has gotten better, it's not bleeding anymore but it's still open and just does not seem to want to close.  The edges of it are turning white.  I've been using APNO since seeing the lactation consultant and it usually sting when I put it on.  So DS usually nurses on the right side (which does not hurt at all) in the morning-I'm really full so he is full just nursing on one side -and then I pump all day while I'm at work.  Pumping does not hurt at all and my nipple (besides the crack and the white edges) remains a normal color.  He gets a bottle of formula (which I"m hoping to wean him off and return to a nursing session) before he goes to bed and I pump.  So he never touches my left side during the week.  The first time he nurses on that side on Sat. is usually okay but as the day and nursing sessions go on it just get more and more painful to nurse on that side and my nipple becomes and very angry and intense bright pink.  I have to take deep breaths and close my eyes when he latches on.  It does get better when the milk lets down but it's horrible until that point.  By Sunday night I"m actually looking forward to Monday because I know that my nipple will go back to normal.  I'm not sure what's going on.  I don't know if it's thrush still, but it just seems weird that it's weekend Thursh :)  Anyone have any idea whats going on?


Okay-wow that was a lot of info, but thanks for looking :)

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    Yikes, that sounds painful! Could you try a nipple shield on that side when nursing? Maybe that would help it from getting so sore. Have you been back to the dr at all about this? If it is thrush, there are other treatment options you can try. Do you have shooting pains in that breast? When I had thrush, my nipples were bright pink, shiny, itchy, burning, and I had shooting pains in my breasts. My OB prescribed nystatin that I put on my nipples after each feeding. DD also was prescribed oral nystatin even though she didn't have any symptoms. It's important to treat the baby, even when asymptomatic because you can be passing it back and forth. Have you tried expressing breastmilk onto your nipple and letting it air dry after nursing? I'd definitely go back to your OB or LC and get reevaluted. It can be hard to get rid of thrush (if that's even what it is). But since the APNO isn't helping, I'd say it's time to get a second opinion and try something else. Good luck!
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  • you might be using too much APNO which can cause the crack to be too moist and not heal.  Are you air drying the cracked side?  I had a raging case of thrush that caused craters.  I took Diflucan and let the crack air dry as much as possible (sleep without a shirt on).  The air exposure is what really healed the crack.  
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