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Trouble Pumping...Need Advice, Please

I attemped BF but LO wouldn't latch (and still won't).  I have been pumping since his birth (for 6 weeks now).

The first couple of weeks went well.  Then about the fourth week, one day I was empty.  LO has increased to eating 5-6 oz, but I haven't been able to pump enough for a feeding, so I am supplementing with formula.  LO takes BM a lot better, so of course I want to pump.

I was wondering if anyone had any advice.  I eat a pretty healthy diet and drink plenty of water.  Are there suppliments I could take?  Is there a best time of day to try to pump?  Any help would be appreciated.


Mom of Sean

Re: Trouble Pumping...Need Advice, Please

  • How often are you pumping?

    Do you pump overnight?

    How long do you pump for?

    What kind of pump are you using?

    FYI 5-6 ounces a feeding is A LOT.  It's possible for a BF baby to overeat from the bottle.


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  • I pump after every feeding (about every 4 hours).  I attempt for about 20-30 minutes.  I use a hand pump.

    My LO sleeps through the night, but I still get up and pump once.

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  • I've heard that pumping is usually best in the morning when you make more milk but you'll have to pump as often as LO would eat at the breast - so every 3-4 hours? I'd check a health food store for a tea that helps bring in milk, sorry I can't remember the name right now. I've also seen on this board that oatmeal can help milk supply. Good luck Wink
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  • Thank you so much.  Smile
  • In the beginning I had to Pump every 2-3 hours. Ive been EPing for 3 months and I STILL can't go 4 hours all day (I only go 4 hours overnight). I would Also either rent a hospital grade dOuble electric or buy a good double Electric if you plan to Keep Pumping. .

    I wouldn't start supplements or Anything until after you increase your # of sessions.
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  • For increasing supply, you may need to add more pump sessions between baby's feedings.  Do you have a hospital grade pump?  Renting one of those may help.  Drink lots of Gatorade, in addition to the water.  Oatmeal is supposed to help but I've never done it.  Supplements- Mother's Milk tea, Fenugreek

     Good luck- I pumped and supplemented with #1 and #2.  This time I will be EP.  I understand the frustration!! 

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  • bancbevbancbev member
    imageMom of Sean:

    I pump after every feeding (about every 4 hours).  I attempt for about 20-30 minutes.  I use a hand pump.

    My LO sleeps through the night, but I still get up and pump once.

    Am I understanding correctly that you are exclusively pumping?

    You need to be using a double electric pump.  Hospital grade would be best.  You can rent one for $40-$60 a month from your hospital (if they don't rent them, post back and I can help you find an online place that does).  At the very least buy an Ameda or Medela double electric pump.

    Then, pump every 2 hours during the day, and every 3 hours overnight until your making enough.  Once you supply is more established you might be able to pump less, but right now you need to pump a lot more and with a good pump.

    I know it seems like a lot of money to spend to rent or buy a pump but it's cheaper than formula, especially in the long run.  The issue right now is that a manual will never be able to extract enough milk to keep your supply up.  Right now you are at a critical time to establish you supply for the long run.  Manual pumps are made for occasional use, for when you want a date night with hubby, or will miss a feeding for some reason.  They are not for EPing.  I cannot honestly imagine how you have gone six weeks using one.  You are obviously dedicated to providing breastmilk for your baby and that is AWESOME!  Good job.

    Also check if your insurance will cover the cost of purchasing or renting a pump.

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  • Ditto the PPs, also check with your insurance BC/BS Mass covers a hospital grade pump rental for up to 10 months with an Rx. 

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  • I have a lowish supply d/t blood pressure issues. taking fenugreek 3 pills, three times a day. can buy at whole foods or gnc. also mothers milk tea - traditional medicine brand or something like that. i got my $380 medela freestyle pump free! covered by insurance. bcbs. you need a doc to write you an rx though.... and a reason like poor latch/milk supply issue etc. i feed then pump. i literally just started pumping today. so i don't have much advice for that. this site is awesome -
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  • Thank you all so much for the support and advice.  I really appreciate all of you for posting.

    Wish me luck!  Smile

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