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Supplies Overload. Help!

So I haven't really gotten any 'supplies' for BF because I feel like there rae 40,000 creams, pads, bags ect. and I have no clue what to actually get. I feel the same way with tanks/bras/shirts....everything.

 Does anyone have a list of what I should stock up on and how many!? Or maybe you know of a good link that has a list?

 I really appreciate anything you can share- my other option is just to purchase 1 of everything in those aisles and hope for the best!

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Re: Supplies Overload. Help!

  • I would get: 1-2 nursing tanks. I love my tanks from Target and still sleep in them most nights. I would get one size larger than your pre-pregnancy size. I never bothered with nursing shirts. In the early days I lives in my nursing tanks with either a shirt over them or a zip up hoodie.

    I would buy 1 box of disposable breastpads- I like the Lansinoh ones that stick to the inside of your tank/bra. You'll likely need them when your milk comes in. I also used lanolin quite a bit in the early weeks to soothe my nipples.

    I wouldn't worry about pumping stuff pre-baby. Even if your baby is in the NICU, the hospital will provide all the pumping supplies you will need in that case. You can always get pumping supplies after you get home. 

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    Actually, I disagree about the pumping supplies.  My baby was in the NICU, and the hospital provided nothing for me to pump.  Thankfully I was able to room-in with him, so I didn't need to worry about pumping.  At the very least, I'd check with your hospital ahead of time to find out what kinds of pumping supplies they offer.

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  • I bought like EVERYTHING...but here is what I use:

    Dr. Brown bottles, Dr. Brown dishwasher basket, Dr. Brown cleaning brush

    Medela pump, Medela storage bottles, Medela quick wipes for when I pump on the go, Medela halter hands-free bra, Medela microwave steam bags, Medala lanolin (hospital gave me more than enough samples though)

    Lansinoh disposable breast pads (in the beginning), Lansinoh freezer storage bags

    Nursing tanks (I have like 6 and wear them All.The.Time under everything or to bed), nursing bras (I just bought these this week though) 

    Boppy, My Breast Friend, 1 nursing cover


  • LOVE my nursing tanks, I wear them all the time. Some nursing sleep bras are great to have. A nursing cover if you're concerned about nursing in public (LOVE the bebe au lait one). My hands free bra is a necessity (but you could make one by cutting holes in a sports bra). Storage bags are all the same IMO.
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  • I agree with everything said above, and I'll say that I STRONGLY prefer the Lansinoh lanolin to the Medela lanolin.  The Medela stuff smells funny, IMO, and the Lansinoh stuff is a lot thicker.  At our hospital, I got little samples of both, and I was able to make my decision based on that.


    Good luck! 

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