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3rd Trimester

I don't like this feeling...

Baby has been pretty quiet all day. When I do my kick counts, there is usually no doubt he is done moving in like 5-10 minutes, max.

Tonight, I think he got to 10 in a half half? And I even switched sides. I know that if I call the advice nurse, they'll say its fine as long as I get 10 movements in an hour...

Now I'm feeling urpy... I even had an (eew) barf burp. 

Anyone else's baby have a random slow day at this point?

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Re: I don't like this feeling...

  • Mine is today but I also had a shot of morphine and phenergan last night so with how drowsy I was i'm not surprised he might be tired too.

    Is he especially active one day and then just less so the next? That's usually how it worked with this baby for me. 

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  • yesterday I was freakin out because she usually wakes up and starts moving around on my car ride to work, and yesterday no such luck despite how much i poked and jiggled her!!!  So when I got to work I had my morning apple juice (we ran out at home) and she was moving and groovin within 10 minutes!! If I worry this much when she's safe and protected in my belly just imagine when she's out here in the world!!!!  It's enough to make you go crazy!
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  • I find that on days where I'm more active (and usually over exert myself) bubs is usually pretty quiet.
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  • I've had much less movement this pregnancy than with DS and my NP said really, as long as I get to 6-10 in 2 hours everything is more than likely fine. Maybe baby is just feeling sleepy today!
  • Bentley hasn't been moving nearly as much since I hit the 37 week point. His movements have almost come to a dead stop. HOWEVER...He seems to be quite the wiggle worm whenever we get hooked up to a fetal monitor..making mommy seem like a liar!! Sigh! I have come up with the conclusion that he finds it humorous when I freak out. Takes after his daddy.
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  • I had one morning that freaked me out last week. I was up for about 45 minutes with NO movement. I downed some sweets, drank OJ and jiggled her around. Nothing. I was starting to get really worried and then she started up finally. I think I woke her up.  I have active and not so active days too...
  • LO has been quiet today too, but I am not freaking out just yet because I didn't wake up until 4:30 this afternoon! I am thinking my random day of being in bed all afternoon may have thrown him off. If he is still quiet tommorrow I may call.

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  • Yep, I'm 37w, and my LO has slow, sleepy days a couple times per week.  Then on other days, it seems that he's moving nonstop.  My doctor said not to worry about it, as it's totally normal.
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  • Had one of these yesterday for the first time. Jr is usually extremely active when i get up in am but he didnt move for awhile and i was very nervous, finally after 45minutes of poking he woke up. then he got hiccups and i felt bad for waking him = [  guess my late night threw him off.
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  • Forgot how stressful this was with my first. I barely do kick counts the second time around, only if he seems really quiet. I have definitely experienced many quiet days with both pregnancies.
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    LO has gotten progressively more quiet. I was just at the doctor today and everything is fine, but it definitely freaks me out sometimes. If I sit there awhile I will eventually start to feel the movements.
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