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Why so many diapers on thegoodmama.com?

I was just browsing all the sites, and went to see what the goodmama had listed (not that I'm buying anything - just curious).  There are a lot of newborn prints up - including mixed tape in NB.  Just thought it was odd they'd still be sitting there.

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Re: Why so many diapers on thegoodmama.com?

  • I secretly want a nb Mixed Tape for a baby we arent ttc for now.
  • A few weeks ago, a ton of newborn stragglers went up and just sat there. I'm guessing there's either a ton of them or just not many people buying that size. Double.brites and CV will stay up until they are full.
  • she's been stocking a ton of NBs lately....also the market has dropped lately...even the secondary market, plus some mamas are no longer buying due to interesting pricing strategies

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