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Crazy tornado story.

My sister lives in Chattanooga which was hit pretty bad by the storms (Ringgold, GA is considered a part of Chattanooga, as well). One of her friends found a life insurance policy from some place in Alabama, so they decided to drive to Alabama, to hand deliver it to them since a pretty important document. They got to the address that was on the paper, and the house is completely gone. The man didn't survive :o( His family didn't think that he had life insurance, so can't imagine the sense of gratitude they felt.
Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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Re: Crazy tornado story.

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  • Wow, that really is amazing to hear.  It's so sad that this man did not survive, but this much bring a bit of comfort to the family that they will not have to worry about finding the money needed to take care of his wishes.
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  • That is crazy that they found it all the way from Alabama! It was so wonderful of them to drive over to deliver it to them. That will make such a big difference in that family's lives. One of my BFs lives in Ringgold right where the middle and High schools are. Most of the houses around them are not inhabitable. They were very lucky to only have some damage but it will  be awhile before they can even move back to there house. Her daughter probably won't have any more school for the rest of the year and they have no idea where they are going to put the kids for next year. We are all just so thankful they are all ok.
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  • Bless their hearts, that is one of the kindest things I have heard in a long time. What a kind gesture. Glad your family is safe.
  • where did they find the paper? And how did they find the family?

    What a crazy story, I'm happy for that family. I've always wondered what happens if someone has a life insurance policy and nobody else knows about it.

  • Wow.  That is so.......freaky, cool, and sad at the same time.  How fortunate that they drove the paper back to AL.
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  • OMG. Amazing. I love this story.
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  • Wow!  That is amazing.
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  • Such a great thing they did for the family.  Thanks for sharing.
  • Wow, that is crazy!  What a kind thing to do!

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