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Those that are losing weight while breastfeeding/pumping

Can you give me a sample menu of what you eat every day? I just wanna get on track but make sure I'm eating enough. I have quite a few pounds to lose and would love to get on that ASAP.. thanks

Re: Those that are losing weight while breastfeeding/pumping

  • It took FOREVER for anything to come off of me. But I'm a type 1 diabetic so I limit my carbs and eat tons of protein and veggies. I also snack throughout the day. They call me the human garbage can at work now :-/ If you do that be prepared to be starving if you skip a snack though
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  • imageMadison830:

    I have been steadily losing, although I hit a plateau and started WW 2 weeks ago. My eating hasn't changed a ton since starting WW except that I'm eating more fruits & veggies now. Typical day for me:

    Breakfast: zone bar & water on the way to work

    Pump #1, then snack: yogurt and fruit

    Pump #2, then lunch: frozen Amy's organic meal & carrots or other veggie

    Pump #3, then snack: green pepper & hummus

    Pump #4, then snack: string cheese & apple (sometimes I skip this snack if I'm not hungry/too busy, or just forget!

    I keep a huge water bottle at my desk with a straw and drink it all day long. I also keep Mothers Milk Tea & oatmeal at my desk in case I need an extra snack or something, and I try to drink the tea in the afternoons.

    Being on WW - this usually keeps me within my daily points, I get extra points for nursing.

    I feel like I would be starving if this is all I ate all day! I have been trying to do WW, but I find that nursing makes me SO HUNGRY.

    GL OP!


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  • My weight has been off since month 5, but until then I was eating anything I wanted (and I still do).  My breastfeeding days are coming to an end here in about 3 months.  I guess I'd better start eating less. 
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  • B - Steel cut oats w/ walnuts and dried cranberries

    Sn - banana or apple

    L - turkey & cheese on whole wheat, baby carrots

    Sn - Luna bar

    Sn#2 - cheese and crackers 

    D - anything goes! always a protein and some kind of veggies included

    Sn - usually a few cookies.   

    I eat a ton (big servings) but I have lost weight steadily and am now about 28lbs below pre-preg weight. 

  • My supply tanked when I tried to lose weight while nursing.
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  • I just eat whatever and whenever, I'm usually not hungry a lot during the day, more hungry in the afternoon/night so I eat a lot then.  I had lost all my pregnancy weight and then 5 lbs within 2 weeks of giving birth and I think it all had to do with BFing. 
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  • I've been doing weight watchers and lost about 20 lbs in 3 months. I haven't had any supply issues and am never hungry. In fact, I cant' believe how much I can eat and still be in my points. (If you sign up, be sure to check the box that you are a bf-ing mom)

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  • I pretty much eat whatever I want.  I have lost 65 pounds (gained 60) and would like to lost 5-10 more.

    I usually have oatmeal with rice milk and berries for breakfast, then a morning snack of yogurt.  Lunch is mostly veggies but I try to have some protein.  I'll often have salads, sandwiches, etc.  Afternoon snack of fruit usually.  We usually have a big dinner (I like to cook and make all kinds of different things) and I admit I like to have dessert.

    I do most of our shopping at the farmers market. 

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