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Pregnant after a Loss

I think I am going to have to leave the board now :( (m/c mentiond)

I started spotting and cramping last night. I tried to stay opptomistic and kept telling myself that it was just some light spotting and lots of women have this happen during pregnancy and everything ends up fine. But now it is heavier. I was supposed to see my dr on monday for my first appointment. I called the after hours number and talked to the nurse. She was very sweet and said that I need to rest and drink lots of water. she said that unfortunantly it does sound like I am having a misscarriage.

all that keeps going through my mind is "not again not again not again"

I wish you all good luck and hope to be back in a few months.



Re: I think I am going to have to leave the board now :( (m/c mentiond)

  • So, so sorry for your loss.  Take good care of yourself.
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    Baby May is alive in my heart.
    Miscarriage at 8 weeks, May 2010.

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  • So sorry. T&P's go out to you.

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  • So sorry you're going through this.  (((hugs)))



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  • So sorry. :( Sending thoughts and prayers your way.
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  • So sorry your going through this I hope its a fluke....big hugs
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  • I am so sorry....((hugs))
    BFP #1 6/18/10 Saw HB 7/15/10 Missed M/C 8/17/10 @ 12 weeks 2 days- 2 D&C's( 8/20 and 8/26) BFP#2 11/21/10 Nonviable at 5wks, possible ectopic. Methotrexate 12/3/10&12/9/10 BFP#3 3/10/11 [email protected] 39 [email protected] 160! 21 DPO 2439 HB at 7wks 127 EDD 11/17/11
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  • I am so so sorry!!!  I hope you can come back in a few months too.  Take care.  (((HUGS)))
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    Missed M/C discoverd at 10w5d measuring 6w6d on 12/3/10 said goodbye 12/12/10 EDD 6/26/11 "this too shall pass"

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    BFP #3 3/7/11 - EDD 11/17/11
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    3-27-11 150 BPM!!!!
    He's a BOY!!!! Kieran Thomas

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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this again.  ((HUGE HUGS))  Take care of yourself.
    TTC since January 2010
    BFP 5/9/10. U/S - no heartbeat 6/2/10 (7 weeks). Induced miscarriage 6/7/10.
    Chemical pregnancies 12/2/10, 1/3/11, and 2/7/11.
    dx: RPL due to poor quality uterine lining; begin progesterone January 2011
    BFP 3/10/11. EDD 11/19/11. E arrived 11/15/11!

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  • I am so so sorry.  ((huge hugs))

    Our precious angel Ella Christine 5/10/10-5/11/10

    20 precious hours-forever in our hearts

    Born with anencephaly

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    Second Angel lost on 12/21/10 (missed miscarriage at 7 weeks 6 days)

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  • I'm so sorry (((hugs)))
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  • *hugs* I'm so sorry. :( 
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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this, and just don't want to believe it's true, it's too unfair! Hope to see you back here as soon as you are ready. ((HUGS))
    BFP#1 9/14/10 (EDD 5/21/11); no fetal pole 6w6d, 7w4d, d&c 10/8
    BFP#2 3/16/11, beta 138; 4/12 Baby/HB DS born 9/10/11 at 29w4d due to partial abruption and PTL
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  • T&P's to you! (((Hugs)))
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    BFP #1 - 04/09/10 -- m/c - 07/02/10 @ 20weeks and 3 days. D&C 07/02/2010 - EDD 11/16/10
    BFP #2 12/17/10 please stick turtle. EDD 8/29/11 - Emergency C-Section 7-2-11. Andrew's journey
    Congratulations to my TTCAL buddy Carolee on her BFP! Stick, baby!
    Congratulations to elbandas09, cherylanddoug, tctibbe(MsPegees) and alliejoe for their take home babies!
  • (((Hugs))) I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself and get some rest.
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  • I am so sorry. I hope we see you back here soon. 
    Keira Lynn Q - Born alive and healthy July 26, 2012 - My miracle among miracles.


    Alexander James - born still June 20, 2011 at 25w3d - We love you to the moon and back.


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    Diagnosed with High Killer Cells, MTHFR (one copy), borderline Thrombophilia, Protein S Deficiency and Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome

    Missed m/c 11w2d on April 3, 2010; natural m/c at 6w on July 17, 2010; and natural m/c at 4w on Oct. 7, 2011
  • So Sorry:(  T & P's
    #1 10/26/01 - Lindsey Nichole #2 7/14/05 - Kylie Marie #3 BFP 6/14/10 - Missed m/c - D&E 8/19/10 #4 BFP 12/21/10 - Chemical Pregnancy 12/25/10 #5 BFP 4/25/11 - Chemical Pregnancy 5/4/11 #6 BFP 12/24/11 - 1st beta (15dpo) = 53.4, 2nd beta (17dpo) 133.7 image
  • I am so sorry.  T&Ps are with you.  *hugs*
    BFP #1 10/09/10, m/c 10/18/10 (5w4d)
    BFP #2 11/17/10
    Rainbow baby is born! 07/15/11

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  • I am so sorry - try to take your nurse's advice and rest this weekend.  I don't want to give you false hope, but try to hold onto positive thoughts until you can at least get confirmation your doctor.  Sending lots of T&Ps your way.
  • I am so sorry :(
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  • take care of yourself!!!
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  • I'm sorry :(
    Married 7/19/09
    MC 9/8/10
    Baby Boy Born 7/31/11
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  • I am so sorry
    6/14/10 BFP; 6/30/10 Dx ectopic
    11/16/10 BFP #2; DD born 7/26/11
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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this.

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  • I'm sorry for your loss, many T&P's
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    My Forever Sister From Another Mister~CashewsMommy!!

  • I'm so sorry (((HUGS)))
    TTC Since Oct 08 BFP #1- 1/23/09, missed m/c 2/26/09 BFP #2- 9/8/09, natural m/c 9/16/09 BFP #3- 4/13/10, missed m/c 5/26/10 BFP #4- 4/6/11 beta#1 at 12dpo-133 prog-55.7, beta#2 at 16dpo- 861 DD born 12/8/2011 BFP#5- 11/23/12 EDD 7/25/13 Dx- Uterine septum (removed Aug 2010), endo, MTHFR C677t hetero, Factor II hetero, Low Protein S Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • ((HUGS)) I am so sorry your having to go through this pain again
    BFP #1 04/05/10 EDD 12/11/10 Missed M/C 7w found out at 12w5d You're so missed LO BFP #2 11/27/10 EDD 08/07/11.. Diagnosed with IC 03/17/11 Cerclage put in place 03/21/11 Madilynn Mae born 7/26/11
  • I am so sorry you are going through this again. (((HUGS)))
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    "Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." -Winnie the Pooh

    Congrats to my KU buddy ~
    and ZZsMommy on baby XYZ and GPickles on baby C
  • I am so sorry.  Hugs.
    7 mm/c
    APS, hetero factor v leiden & MTHFR
    bfp #1 - 12.11.07, edd 8.14.08, mm/c 1.21.08 (10w4d)
    bfp #2 - 4.4.08, edd 12.3.08, mm/c 5.14.08 (11w)
    bfp #3 - 8.3.08, edd 4.15.09, mm/c 9.17.08 (10w)
    bfp #4 - 1.15.09, edd 9.26.09, mm/c 2.16.09 (8w2d)
    bfp #5 - 6.16.09, edd 2.25.10, mm/c 7.23.09 (9w)
    bfp #6 - 8.12.10, edd 4.27.11, mm/c 9.16.10 (8w1d)
    one more try -> bfp #7 - 2.11, our miracle baby boy arrived 10.11
    ttc again -> bfp #8 - 5.3.13, edd 1.13.14, mm/c 5.30.13 (7w3d)
    bfp #9 - 9.23.13, our miracle baby girl arrived 5.29.14

  • So sorry....hoping it's not what you think it is. ((((hugs))))
    BFP 7/27/10, no hb discovered 9/3/10, natural m/c 9/17/10
    BFP #2- 2/1/11,bleeding- 2/6/11, natural m/c @ 5wks
    BFP #3- 4/29/11 - DS born 12/31/11
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  • I am so sorry you're going through this again. I hope that it all turns out okay, but if not please know we're all thinking of you and hope to see you back here soon!
  • I am so sorry. I hope your dr. does testing if you're interested in it. Take care of yourself.
    TTC #1

    10/26/10 BFP: Natural MC at 5w,4d

    1/2/11 BFP: Natural MC at 6w,2d
    Dx: Compound Heterozygous MTHFR (A & C copies)

    3/12/11 BFP: Hoping 3rd time is the charm! EDD 11/20

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  • I'm so sorry!  I'll be praying for you during this time!
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    "'My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,' says the Lord. 'And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.'" Isaiah 55:8-9
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  • morkmork member
    I'm so sorry. ((hugs))
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    My beautiful Ella/ToT arrived 10/10/12. 
  • I am so sorry you are going through this again. Big big hugs sweetie.



    9 angels in heaven-3 in my arms and 1 in the NICU                                                                                                                                    
    Mono/di twin girls: Josephine born to heaven and Evangeline born Earthside at 25w



  • I'm so sorry honey.  Take care of yourself.  ((((hugs))))
    BFP#1 4/17/10...EDD 1/6/11...M/C 5/28/10 BFP#2 11/19/10...EDD 8/4/11 Squeaker born 7/30.
  • I'm sorry
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    We love and miss you Jillian (18w) and Peanut (6w). Welcome to our TAC miracle Jacob!
  • I'm so very sorry for you loss. Big hugs!
    Suprise BFP, 11/15. Please stick!

    Always loving and always remembering our angel babies- Sydeny, Noah, Peach and Taylor.


    Today I am pregnant and I love my baby.
  • So sorry for your loss.  (((Hugs)))
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    The third time was the charm!
    BFP #3 ~ 4.08.11 ~ EDD: 12.17.11 ~ DD born 12.13.11
    BFP #2 - 8.04.10 - missed m/c discovered 8.31.10, d&c 9.02.10
    BFP #1 - 5.20.10 - m/c 5.29.10 @ 5w6d
  • I'm so very sorry!  (((Hugs)))
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  • I'm so sorry...  <<hugs>>
    Praying For An Encore!
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