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Update on my "niece"

You probably don't remember at this point, but a few months ago I posted about my dad's step-grandaughter having her baby at 23 weeks.  From caringbridge:

On January 18th, 2011 (our 1 month wedding anniversary), at approximately 4:00pm, I was admitted to the hospital due to a complication with my cervix.  At 8:00am the following morning, I was evaluated by a specialist from the Maternal-Fetal Medicine department.  The prognosis: my cervix was dilated by 3cm and the amniotic sac had descended into the vaginal canal.  There was nothing that could be done.  At a mere 21 weeks gestation, the baby was not viable.  Apologetically, the doctor advised us to prepare to say goodbye.

We weren't ready to give up that easily.  Against the advice of the doctors, we decided that I'd stay in bed, not doing anything, and wait.  Wait for labor to start on its own or for an infection to set in (both of which the doctors said would happen within 48 hours).  

Twelve days later, at 23 weeks and 3 days gestation, my water finally broke.  What was the doctor's advice then?  To continue to wait for labor or infection.

Two days later (14 days after the original prognosis), I gave birth to Lily Autumn.  Delivered vaginally and in the blink of an eye, she was moving and even cried when the Neonatalogist inflated her lungs for the first time.  Our little girl was strong and did beautifully.  Thus began our long journey in the NICU . . . 

Well Lily is almost 3 months old, and is 4 weeks away from her due date.  The doctors expect she'll be home in about 2-3 weeks.   She has filled out so much, and responds well to everything.  

As Crystal said to me, "Lily has been following her own rules since she was conceived, so we shouldn't be too surprised."  Crystal was told she could never have children.

So there you go.  Everyone likes good news.  

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