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clicky poll- parents marital status

just 'cause I am curious![Poll]

Re: clicky poll- parents marital status

  • I should have added a *special snowflake....

    My mom and dad are divorced (since I was 4)....but my dad remarried and stayed that way. My mom remarried twice and is now a widow.

    I always wonder what it would be like to have parents still happily married. 

  • Wow! What a high % are still married, that's awesome! My 2 goals in life are to raise happy children and have a "golden" anniversary :)
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  • Mine have been married 30 years, but it was my mom's 2nd marriage. 
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  • Widowed, but I have no doubt they would still be married if my mom were alive.
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  • My parents divorced when I was 3

    My Dad remarried the biggest hot mess in all of binghamton when I was 5- they are still married but it has been such a roller coaster- and I basically hate her (she wasnt even invited to my wedding)

    My mom remarried and then divorced again - she never remarried after that and now she's dead- so unless spirits can hook 


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  • My parents divorced just shy of their 25th wedding anniversary...although them not being together at times makes me sad, they are both happier.  My Dad remarried, but my Mom did not.  They were really great at our wedding and at any family functions for Evan since then, so I feel blessed by that.  
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  • My parents have been married 37 years. 

  • My parents divorced when I was 1.  My father remarried when I was 2 and has been married for 33 years.  My mother remarried when I was 3 and has been married 32 years.
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  • I just heard yesterday that 3 out of 5 couples divorce so I was surprised at these results.  My parents separated when my sister and I were pretty young.  They were separated for several years and then both remarried the same year.  We were very lucky though because they couldn't have handled the split any better.  
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  • My parents are still married 52 years. I'm an older Mom and youngest of theirs. I don't know how they did stay together that long - marriage is hard.
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