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Mastitis? Or what?

I have one boob that hurts.  I tried pumping after feeding LO and I barely got anything (jury is still out on if it's due to the pump though).  LO has been rejecting this side and will only take it reluctantly but once he latches he seems fine.  It is full though I can feel the weight and when I squished my boobs against my chest with my palms flat facing me (I didn't know how else to tell for sure) it is at least 2x the size of the other one which really squished down so I'm not imagining it.  I can get a little milk to come out by hand expression so it's not clogged ducts I guess.  Is this mastitis?  Or can that only be determined by a doctor's visit?  Why do these things always have to occur on a Friday afternoon LOL?

Re: Mastitis? Or what?

  • Try massaging your breast in the shower and see if you can get more milk out. Or apply a warm, moist compress 15-20 min before pumping or nursing. Mastitis often comes with a fever, severe breast pain, sometimes red streaks on the breast, and flu like symptoms. I caught my mastitis before I got a fever, but I knew it was mastitis. The under side of my breast was red and my boob hurt 100 times worse than when it did when it was just a clogged duct. might have some info that would help.
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  • One of mine got really sore and hard on one area yesterday... I pumped it empty, massaged it and used a hot compress. It`s tender today but doesn`t feel hard anymore. I think it could have been A clogged duct even though I was still producing milk. I think Mastitis usually has flu like symptoms and a red, hot area on the breast.

    Of course, these things always happen on the Friday afternoon or weekend right?!

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