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24 weeks and got laid off yesterday

Yesterday I was informed that my district will only be teaching French next year, not Spanish, so I am out of a job. I am a giant ball of stress.

I'm trying to do my best to say that this is a sign I should just stay home with my babies next year, but it's hard not to stress about the money aspect with twins.
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Re: 24 weeks and got laid off yesterday

  • I'm really sorry - I'm actually really surprised they are keeping french and dropping spanish. The way the country is today, I'd assume it would be just the opposite!

    I personally think you should just take it as a sign and stay home. I've been off work for a week now and couldn't be happier. I'm doing so many things I want to do before the babies come. But, the financial aspect wasn't something we really had to worry about either because I quit to be a SAHM (I didn't make very much at all at my job - DH is the breadwinner). I know whatever you decide will be the perfect choice! good luck!

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  • Hugs.  I got RIF'd when I was home on maternity leave with my first. I think the hardest is someone else making your decision.  I didn't like my job, but we hadn't planned for me to SAH.  Turns out, our son was born with a CHD and wouldn't be able to be in daycare until he had surgery (at least 6 mos away, maybe 2 years).  What I'm saying, is it all worked out.  Thanks to awesome insurance, and H having a good job, I stayed home til he was about 10 mos, worked for 6 mos, off again for 8 mos (having DD1), worked for 14 mos, and have been a SAHM for almost 2 years now.  The twins kinda forced us into another SAHM situation (4 in daycare - 3 would have been okay, 4 makes it teetering on non-sensible).  

    As it turns out, H is able to work more (he's an electrician) doing long days/emergency calls, and we have ended up in a better financial situation. We sold our new van for one about 6 yrs old, I coupon/shop sales, and we don't have the gas (especially the $4/gal gas) and eating out expenses.  We just paid off my last CC (lingering from college) and have cleared up all our medical bills.  We currently have zero medical bills - yes it took about 1.5 yrs, but it's done, on one income.  

    Try not to stress, save as much as possible now, know that you'll make it thru.  

    If you want to work, it seems you could probably do your own tutoring business at times you wouldn't need daycare.


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  • I'm sorry :( I am sure that is stressful.

    I quit my FT job when my first was just shy of 2 years old. It's scary to go to one income (or in our case 1.5 since I went to working very part time elsewhere) but if you can make it work its also really nice. I would crunch the numbers and see how your budget would work out.

  • I'm sorry - that really stinks.  I am a teacher too and it is hard when they are firing as many of us as they can while at the same time complaining about the quality of education.  Good luck - I'm hopeful everything will work out for the best.

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  • I'm sorry :(

    My DH is a laid off science teacher. Are you in Canada by any chance? I was thinking "where would they keep French and get rid of Spanish?!" Are you eligible for unemployment? It didn't make a huuuge difference since my DH got unemployment and I have been working. Now we will do a switch and I will stay at home after I have the babies. I feel your stress wondering how we will make ends meet and how we will adjust to me being home. Lots of changes in addition to multiples!!

    At the end of the day, I try to write down a budget and show myself we can make it financially (even if we won't be saving etc.) and believe my husband and I have made it this far, we can do this! Maybe try that? A lot of it is just faith and positivity for now and I know how stressful that is! GL!

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  • I have been off of work since I discovered I was pregnant(I am high risk,incompetant cervix)I am planning on going back once the boys are old enough,I enjoyed working as I worked for the school district as well.
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  • I was also going to suggest tutoring. Perhaps there will be enough students/parents who are upset by this decision to keep you busy with individual or small group tutoring. Also, in my area (Northern California) there are a lot of private Spanish language schools that offer a variety of classes from beginning to advanced to conversational. Maybe there's something like that in your area? Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that you're laid off, but maybe it's an opportunity for you to spend some time at home with your LOs that you wouldn't have otherwise had! GL!!
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  • When I was about 20 wks, I was informed my entire company would be relocating on 4/1 and therefore we were all to be laid off.  We had been considering my staying home, so this made our decision for us.  I worked until I was put on bedrest at about 29 wks, but still got paid since I was on medical leave until the office closed on 3/30 (my babies were born 2/18).  I was lucky to get a severance package including 3 mos of insurance, so the birth was covered but come June 1, we'll need to buy our own insurance (DH is self-employed).  Thats the hardest part for us, buying insurance but otherwise we really won't be any worse off financially than if I'd kept working, paying for 3 in daycare, $4 gas for my commute, and just the headaches of trying to juggle me working full time, raising 3 kids under 2 and running our business (DH works a lot of long days and weekends)...not having that stress is worth a lot to us.  Like a PP said, I think the hardest part is having someone else make the decision for you.  I liked my job but didn't love it, and while I probably would have stayed home anyway, its a little different when you are kind of forced into it.  Takes some getting used to, but I think its going to work in the long run for us.  Good luck to you!

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  • Thanks everyone for all the support and feedback. I live in NY, but in the Southern Tier, so nowhere near Canada. It's a very small, rural, conservative district about 25 miles from where I live. Unfortunately, I get a lot of upsetting and racist comments from parents about their children having to learn Spanish, which in my opinion is all the more reason the school should teach Spanish. Plus, I honestly think they didn't want to have to find a sub for me int he beginning of next year and hope I come back.

    I've had 48 hours to let it sink in, and I had toyed with the idea of staying home anyway. I completely agree with the person who said that the toughest part is that the decision was made for you. I am definitely not looking forward to working their the rest of the year knowing that it's leading nowhere. Maybe I'll be pulled out for rest in a few weeks anyway.

    Here's the kicker... the principal who delivered the news is the father of triplets. Niiiceeee...

    But thanks again for your support ladies!

    B/B Twins born 7/27/11 at 36w2d

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