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What are your favorite stages so far?

I start to really enjoy them when they can sit up on their own.  My favorite stage so far is about 1.5-2.5 years old. 

Re: What are your favorite stages so far?

  • I was just thinking about this yesterday. My favorite stage is always around 2 years old. They are so much fun - such a challenge, but so much fun. I have a 2 year old DS and I swear everyday he is learning a new word.
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  • Two years old was the funnest year for me. They were potty trained, feeding themselves, talking constantly and hilarious!!!
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  • with Griffin every stage he has been in has been my favorite it seems...i just love every stage in so many different ways. He's 4 now and there is so much about the 4's that I just adore- and look forward to with the twins eventually...

    I'm going to miss the 2's when the twins are out of it... because I find it such a fun, adorable age. It's the last age that they are baby-ish in any way... once they hit 3 I feel the baby-stage is totally over, but even in 2's you still get a lot of it b/c (at least with my boys) they are still learning to talk, say such cute things, act so funny, etc.


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  • Every month since 7 months has been my favorite!  (I didn't really like the newborn phase!).  Now they are 10 months old and they are so stinkin' cute!  Plus they are SSTN so that helps.  I'm glad to hear that people like the 2s, gives me even more to look forward to! 
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