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Whole Foods Meals?

I remember someone saying on here that for $15, you can get a meal from Whole Foods for 4 people? Is this correct? Do you get it from the restaurant part? My SIL is going through a hard time right now and I thought I would take her a meal. She's a really really good cook, so I'm not confident enough in my cooking to make her something, even though I know she'd appreciate it regardless.

Any other suggestions? 

Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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Re: Whole Foods Meals?

  • My friend picked up a lasagna from Whole Foods for us when we had baby #1.  It was very yummy.  She paired that with their brownies :)
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  • It was me that posted that.  Yes, its a meal for four that comes in a pan that goes in the oven to be re-heated.  It comes with a huge side salad too. Its in the meals ready to go side.  Near the pizza and hot foods. 

    I hope things get better for them.  

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  • If you belong to Costco, someone told me that their chicken pot pie is the best they ever had.  IDK about Whole Foods.  I just get a slice of pizza when I'm near one b/c I love their pizza.
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  • They are $15 and you get a free salad! They are in the prepared food section usually in their prepack section :) Variety usually changes every 2 weeks.
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