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I think one of them dried up :-(

So I have been dealing with mastitis all week, and today I went to the doc and they confirmed it turned into an abcess.  They went ahead and drained it, but I went to try and pump earlier and not NOTHING.  I'm just hoping I didn't dry up on one side.  The other side was great, got 6 oz after waking up from my nap, and got 5oz right before I went to sleep.  Has anyone else had an abcess? I know they are incredibly rare, but just wondering if anyone else was able to still bf/pump after having one.  I'm getting a little discouraged, my DD is only 4 weeks old and I really want to give her breastmilk as long as possible.  I already feel bad for having to supplement with formula the past few days, but I had no choice because I was so sick my supply tanked, and I used up all my stash.

I could really use some words of encouragement to get me through this...DH isn't being very understanding so I'm really struggling with it.  My doctor even had a hard time believing it was mastitis, so my entire experience with this has been very rough. 

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Re: I think one of them dried up :-(

  • I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. My supply went down when I had mastitis, but it rebounded after several days. You just have to stick with the nursing/pumping. Your hospital probably has a bf'ing support group where you can go for support. Or you can find an LLL meeting near you. Let DH know how important it is that he be supportive. Bf'ing is hard enough, even without complications. Lastly, you might look around for a new doctor. If your abcess is a result of them not properly diagnosing/treating your mastitis, I'd want to find a new doctor. Hang in there!
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  • I don't have any experience with mastasis, but you are early in the game and I think if you keep pumping the dried up side you'll be able to regain good production.  I know it's hard but hang in there, it's so worth it!
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  • I agree with the PPs - keep pumping and it will come back.  I do have one side that is a kind of a dud compared to the other side.  When I am pumping at work (so in place of feeding DD), I usually only get 1 oz on my left side, but 4 or so from my right.  When I'm with DD, I try to offer her the dud side first, but I have been like this for a long time and have been able to keep up with her demand.  I have never had to supplement with formula and my DD will be 10 months next week.  I didn't really have a freezer stash when she only a month old either - I started to build it up during my last month of maternity leave.  Just keep going and you'll be OK.  Sorry you had to go through all of that!   hope it is smooth sailing from here!
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