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XP: Poop question

DS is EBF since birth and I haven't made any changes in my diet. On Wed and then again today, he has had a diaper with larger volume poop, some mucus, more watery and foul smelling. They are still yellow and seedy. Otherwise, the other diapers today and in between have been normal. When I called the pedi office, they were not really concerned. Any thoughts about what could be going on? Milk protein allergy? Virus?
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Re: XP: Poop question

  • Could be anything, really.  You're going to see a wide variety of poops... I wouldn't let them concern you too much.

    Is he getting enough hindmilk? It's been awhile since my DD's cluster-feeding days, but I remember that she would have all sorts of poop problems if she didn't get enough hindmilk.

    Other than that--  my best advice is to relax and just see what happens. If DS seems happy and healthy, then I'm sure everything is fine.

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  • if it isn't consistent then its normal, every once and a while a poop may look strange, but if most of the time they are normal looking (yellow mustard seedy) then its fine.


    Little Rose is 2 1/2.
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