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t&p please

the DIL of a friend of mine had her water break on Mon at 33 weeks (she would have been 34 weeks today). They were trying to hold off delivery until she could get all the steroid shots so they were aiming for Thurs. However, she did not tolerate the mag well (know many of us have been there) and she delivered Wed. via emergency c-section. It quickly became apparent the baby needed a higher level of care so was transferred to another hospital. At one point he stopped breathing and lost his heartbeat but they were able to bring it back. The baby has since been intubated (sp?) He is small weighing just over 3 lbs. They also think there may be a genetic problem so they are running many tests. The dr. are saying this little guy has a long hard road ahead of him. So please keep this baby and his family in your prayers. Thanks.
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Re: t&p please

  • Sending lots of t&p's their way...please keep us posted.
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  • Sending my thoughts and prayers.



  • awww so many T&P!
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