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AW: My stash!

I was producing enough for my DD but was trying to get my freezer stash started for when I go back to work.  I was having a hard time pumping any extra after a weekend of need bottles (while I continued to pump) to heal some cracks and thrush.  I started eating oatmeal each morning and drinking mother milk tea.  My supply upped enough for me to "bank" 4oz each day.

Since I wanted a little more, I made lactation cookies on Monday and since Tuesday I have pumped at least 7oz extra each day.  After chatting with a friend, last night I pumped the opp. breast that DD was not nursing on (she only feeds from one side at night) and got 6.5oz more!  Then today, I got 3oz more in between feedings!  It looks like I will be able to freeze at least 8oz each day if not more!!  Hooray!!!


** Love to UMichGirl! MrsMonica - IRL friend now - baby girl here 4/2011!! **

6/17/10 - Cycle #14 - 100mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI (6/30) = BFP!!!!!!

3/17 - Payton Hope is here via her scheduled c-section!!!

5/2 - Payton's diagnosed with reflux :(

6/22 - Payton's diagnosed with MSPI; Mommy's going dairy and soy free!

8/17 - First appt with allergist, MSPI confirmed

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  • That's awesome!! I've been pumping once at night to build a freezer stash just in case I ever need it, and I've been getting about 4 oz total. The most I ever got was 5.5 oz. And I was excited about that! With my older daughter, I only got about half an ounce total a day through pumping. It sure feels good to have a bunch of milk in the freezer! 

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  • very cool! what are lactation cookies?
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  • image 01klmccr:
    very cool! what are lactation cookies?
    I was wondering this too! Also How often are you pumping a day?
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