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1st Trimester

Bad lower back pain @ 5 weeks....

Is this normal? Pretty bad lower back pain....first pregnancy and a little spotting or anything....please help!

Re: Bad lower back pain @ 5 weeks....

  • It's normal for me...I have had it on and off since I found out I was PG.  If it gets really bad you can use a heating pad.
  • I frequently get an achy lower back.  Is yours a sharp pain or just a dull ache?  I'm curious about what the more experienced women will say.  This is my first too and I'm about 7 weeks.
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  • Its been really bad the last 2 almost hurts too much to stand and cant get comfortable at all, any way....been told its just because my body is changing and all that, but I cant help but be scared and I am so excited to be preggo that this would devastate me... :(
  • its pretty normal. I still get lower back pains, but just use a heating pad to soothe it.
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  • Thanks...been doing the heating pad today.... so I shouldnt worry about the M word unless I see blood?
  • If you have a tilted uterus, chances are you'll have distinct back pain for a while.  Mine didn't let up until around week 10 and my uterus is still in a tilted position.  Heating pads really help.
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  • I have not had this with this pregnancy but did have it for a bit with my first. I was between 5 and 6 weeks and it was terrible! I actually called out of work one day so I could stay home and lay in bed. I don't know if it's "normal" or not. If you have a dr already and it keeps bothering you I would call and mention it to them just to see what they say and to ease your mind. In my case I did not have a dr yet so I just dealt with it the best I could. For 2 days it was awful, on the third day it was a bit duller and on the fourth day it was gone completely. Weirdest thing ever. Throughout the rest of my pregnancy it never came back and my baby was and is 100% fine! Good luck. I hope it goes away very soon.
  • Wow that is right where I am at...this is day 2 and I called out of work tonight (I am a cook and standing didnt seem like somethign I could do) However it seems to be subsiding a little...took a warm bath and been heating pad all day....thanks for the reassuring words, as with any first pregnancy, of course I am going to be freaking out at the sign of anything LoL
  • normal for me too. I bent over to grab something today and the pain actually took my breath for a minute
  • Pain in the lower back during early pregnancy is also very common. some studies suggest that more than half of moms-to-be will experience some degree of back pain during early pregnancy, in fact.

    Back pain in early pregnancy is generally because of the way that the hormone progesterone affects a woman?s body. The progesterone softens the ligaments and discs in a woman?s back that support her upper body. This pain will sometimes be accompanied by muscle spasms or cramps in the lower back as well. For some women, lower back pain during early pregnancy can also be caused by a urinary tract infection.

    The best treatment for lower back pain during early pregnancy tends to be exercise. A variety of exercises, such as pelvic rocking, mini-crunches, and walking are all excellent exercises that will help to relieve back pain during early pregnancy.

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  • Yes i have had that all week.
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  • I am 10 weeks and i still get lil cramps. i wonder were its from.. i remember having them with my daughter 7 years ago.  till i was like 4 months. not a good feeling it still scares me sometimes ive had two miscarages.. 


  • I had back pain all day one day at 6 weeks.  I was concerned about it.  My doctor ordered an us and evrything looked great.  My LO looked good with a hr of 154 and they didn't see anything to cause the pain.  I hope it is just your uterus making room for the baby.

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  • Try to relax and rest and also easier said then done but try not to worry unless you start having spotting or bleeding. 


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  • It's normal!  Did you have any back pain before you got pregnant?  I always had back pain because I have scoliosis in my lower back.  Since being pregnant, it has just gotten worse.  I find hot baths or a heating pad really help!
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  • I'm just a little over my 4th week and the last day or so my lower back has hurt so much (aching as I write this). It's not a cramp, but just a lot of pressure. Speaking of cramps, I do however have cramps where I normally would if I was on my period. I know I hear that some cramping is normal, but the last couple of days I've had a few occasions where the cramping gets pretty last night I woke up with it. I haven't had any spotting, but it does scare me that the cramps are more than mild....Sad

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