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DC and EM ?

DD will be going to an in home sitter.  I will be talking with her sitter about this Tuesday (we still have 2 more weeks of leave) but I was wondering what the typical procedure is.  I have frozen bags of milk for her.  Will I need to prepare the bottles or do providers defrost and pour the milk?  I may need to get a few more bottles if we need to make them for her.  TIA!


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Re: DC and EM ?

  • You need to talk to your DCP. My daycare wants the bottles already set up. Some might not have a problem dealing with frozen bags. You need to ask the provider.
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  • I'd sent bottles either way, sometimes the bags break or leak and your poor little one would be stuck.
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  • Even if you provider is going to defrost the bags, you will need enough bottles for however many feedings she takes a day.  I have never heard of a provider washing a bottle multiple times a day (or ever).  Also, once you start pumping at work, you won't be sending frozen milk, except to rotate your stash.  So rather than waste storage bags, it's easier to just make the bottles ahead of time.
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  • Depends on your DCP. Ours is in home. She keeps bottles and drop in liners at her house. I send 50/50 fresh and defrosted frozen stash to rotate through. I send the fresh in storage bottles, and the frozen still in freezer bags. I put them in a ziploc too just in case. She also has a days worth in her freezer for emergencies or if he's extra hungry!
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