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What are your weekend plans?

What's everyone up to this weekend?

I'm SO thankful that we have a weekend at home - only our 3rd weekend home since February!  DH & I have a date planned for Saturday night and we have our end of year family MOPS cookout Sunday - both should be fun. I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of time canning & freezing tomorrow since we bought a ton of strawberries today at a local farm and cut a boatload of broccoli from the garden.

Re: What are your weekend plans?

  • DH and my stepson leave this evening for the weekend to go camping with Cub Scouts and I decided Jack and I weren't going to go  with them cuz we wouldn't get there till late afternoon tommorrow and with how crazy the past few weeks have been we just needed a weekend not traveling. Tommorrow morning Jack and I are joining some of the ladies from the boards to walk in the March of Dimes in support of J&T's triplets and then who knows what else. He wants to take me on a date adn take me to dinner...we shall see.
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  • DH's cousin's wedding is tomorrow in Wilson (and rehearsal dinner is tonight), and Sunday we're going shopping for end tables, and getting gifts together for Holly's teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.

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  • Tomorrow was supposed to be the Walk for NF we do for Owen, but there is no way we are going to make it with DH OOT on business until late tonight.  We might try to go pick strawberries at some point tomorrow and late afternoon is a birthday party.  Sunday is Little Gym class and my Dad is in town and wants to go to The Pit for dinner, so that should be about it.  I need to run some errands, grocery shop, and all that fun stuff, and I want to go to TJ's.
  • The next 6 weeks are going to be crazy for us and this weekend is no exception.  Tomorrow I'm also doing the March of Dimes walk, then working in the yard.  Sunday taking the girls to a birthday party.  At some point this weekend, I also need to assemble the girls playhouse now that the replacement pieces for those that were damaged have arrived. 
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  • We are laying low since we only have 4 weekend left until the baby comes. We plan to go to feed the ducks on Sunday but other than that, no plans!! Just hanging out, grilling, playing out side/ working in the yard.



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  • I'm hoping it's a chill weekend.  Tonight we've got our church homegroup.  Tomorrow, I'm going grocery shopping then we're going to pick strawberries and probably grill out tomorrow night.  Sunday, it's church and just hanging out.  I'm thankful for a relaxing weekend!

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  • I get to play with two little sisters tomorrow morning so that is going to be a lot of fun.  Then we will probably just go to the playground with Ben and hang out watching Cars, haha.  The kid loves Cars right now for some reason and if we are not playing outside we are watching Cars.

    Then Sunday we will just hang out and play again!

    I love weekends!

    My sweet boy :)
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  • DH is working late tonight, so I'll relax with wine & a movie!

    Tomorrow we hope to venture out to the Springfest with Raleigh Parks dept or the Art Festival in Cary.

    No plans for Sunday. We'll probably relax and get some yard work done. 

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  • driving down to Miami tonight and spending time w/ family and friends.  I hope grandma can babysit tomorrow so DH and I can catch a movie.  Then taking Nic to a birthday party on Sunday and drive back late afternoon.  I look forward to slow weekends. 
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