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DD won't eat anything from my freezer stash

I've got this whole, glorious freezer stash that DD just will. not. touch. She won't eat it from a bottle or in her cereal. It doesn't matter how fresh it is, if it's not straight from the boob she doesn't want anything to do with it. Is there something wrong with my milk or do you think DD is just picky?

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Re: DD won't eat anything from my freezer stash

  • Is it a bottle vs. nursing thing.  It took mine a while to adjust to a bottle and still prefers nursing.  If that's not it try mixing fresh and frozen.  I can't remember the proportions for mixing, look at kellymom, but I tried that with mine and have had others suggest that too. 

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  • Have you smelled/tasted it?  Will she take a bottle of fresh pumped milk that hasn't sat in the fridge?  Might be excess lipase.
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