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Pediatrician rec in McKinney/Allen??

We are having a baby girl in June and have been looking for a pediatrician for a while now. I don't have very many people to ask for references, so I was hoping that you guys might be able to recommend some wonderful pediatricians to me in McKinney or Allen. Thanks so much!! :)



Re: Pediatrician rec in McKinney/Allen??

  • We go to Pediatric Healthcare Associates in Mckinney and see Dr. Frank there. We really love her, she is pretty laid back and always takes her time with us.

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  • Love, love, love, love, Dr. Chad Smith at Raintree Pediatrics!  Highly recommend him!!!!
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  • We go to Dr. Elizabeth Leon at West Plano Pediatrics - the whole office is wonderful and came highly recommended from my OB.  GL!

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  • We use Dr. Newton with  Centennial Pediatrics. They are off 121 and Independance. We LOVE them!
  • We will be using Centennial Pediatrics also when baby arives.
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  • We use Raintree as well.  Dr. Cook is our primary but have seen Dr. Smith before and he is great.  Both are wornderful.  I like there office be wait time is fast and I never have an issue getting in for a sick apt.  You might not see your doctor but at least they can get you in quickly.

    Another reason I love Cook is we took our son the day after he was released from the hospital becaue Cook didn't have rights at the hospital he was born.  At the time I was very frustrated with breastfeeding and about to give up (latch issues, my milk was still not in, my son was not peeing wihich is a concern and I assumed it was my fault because breastfeeding was not working out) Cook encouraged me not to give up and called the Allen hospital and set up a time for me to meet with there lactation nurse.  While I was there my milk started coming in, she really helped me understand how to get him to latch, and additional tricks the nurses at my hosptial didn't provide.  If it wasn't for Cook really encouraging me and for the nurses help I would have given up.  We successfully nursed until 14 months because of him.

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