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NFP friendly OB/GYN in the Spring/Woodlands area

Does anyone have any suggestions for ob/gyns in the Spring or Woodlands area that is NFP friendly?

Re: NFP friendly OB/GYN in the Spring/Woodlands area

  • My doctor has never made contraception an issue. He asked at my very first appointment if I wanted bc pills, I said no, and that was that. He knows that we use natural methods and has never said anything about it one way or the other.

    Marco Giannotti- Women's Healthcare Affiliates on Six Pines in the Woodlands.

  • I've been to 3 different ob/gyn offices in the area over the last 10 years and never had anyone make an issue out of contraception.

    I currently use Dr. Davidson in Tomball and really like her.  

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  • I don't think many doctors are going to push BC on you.  I mean, they want you to have babies, right?  Smile

    I'd look into Women of the Woodlands and Woodlands OBGYN Associates.   I see Dr. Westmoreland at Woodlands OBGYN... while I like her, the practice is VERY Busy.  She used to be at Women of The Woodlands and I think that practice is less busy, more relaxed, more personal.  (granted its been 3 years since I went there) 

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  • ditto. I think the only time you'd run into a conflict was if you want BCP and your doctor was one who refused to prescribe them. We use FAM for the most part, and while my doctor advised me to be careful, she in no way criticized the method. 
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