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Gift help, not sure who I call

DH loves working in the yard, and we have some projects planned but not sure what to do or where to start, plus time is limited.  His birthday is next Friday and I was thinking as a gift I would get someone to come out and do some of the things we need (rake up and cart out a crap-ton of leaves, cut the grass, cut some trees down and remove, etc...), but I also want someone that can talk to DH about his plans and offer ideas or help.  We want to level our back yard, and we need to plant a lot of grass, want to rip out shrubs and get some new ones, regrade our stone path around the house, and some other things.  Do I call a lawn service, a landscape company, both, neither?  Any ideas would be great, and if you know someone who could do this that would be even better!

Re: Gift help, not sure who I call

  • Sounds like you need a landscaper, a lawn maintence company (which may or may not be your landscaper) and a tree removal company depending on the size of the trees.

    When we planned our yard renovation (in a couple phases) we went to a landscape architect to plan it all out and do the planting of shrubs, trees, grass etc and we went with one that also had a lawn maintenance service.   

    If you are just looking for a one time cutting/leaf gathering etc you might be able to find a handy man type person as a lot of maintenance companies want a contract. 

    Not sure where in Raleigh you are but I can offer up who we use if you are in the N. Raleigh area. 

  • A CW used Hicks Landscaping. I think they can do everything except the tree removal.
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  • Yeah, I figured I would probably need one of each.  The trees DH can cut down no problem, they are scrub pine, just need the stumps removed.  We are in North Raleigh, so I will take any rec!
  • We use Landvision Design. They are based on the Homewood Nursery off Honeycutt Rd. I've been extremely pleased with their services. I've been using them for about a year now after having to fire our previous landscapers!
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