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Every now and then I like where I work too

Not so much the job I do or who I work for, I still hate those things, but the people I work with can be amazing.

My coworker found out that the lady whose children were killed in the last tornado was trying to send her children back to Mexico to be buried and she worked at a McDonalds nearby.  We planned a breakfast/bake sale and all proceeds are being deposited into her memorial account.  I personally put a lot of hard work into and I was so pleased with the turn out.  We had so much food donated and when we announced that the food was ready I was taking the money and looked up to see such a long line going down the hallway. 

We raised a good deal of money for her, but what really touches me is the donations we received.  We set up a basket simply marked for donations and so many people refused change and wanted to donate it or they didn't want food at all and just threw money in the donation basket.  There was almost $150 in just plain and simle donations, nothing given to them in return.  That to me is amazing.

My sweet boy :)
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